What’s Hot

Flathead Lake is fishing real well. It is the mid-summer bite. Early morning is the best time to target the bigger trophy size lakers. We have been getting some nice 15 to 20lb. lakers on these morning trips. The afternoon bite has  become steady putting 8-12 fish in the boat. These are the best eating fish averaging 3-4lbs.

Lake Mary Ronan is still producing good limits of kokanee salmon. This a fun trip for the entire family as this is a real hands on fishery.

Fly fishing is getting good on the Flathead River as the water is clearing up and going down, good numbers of cutthroat trout. The Missouri River is red hot right now good numbers of rainbows and brown trout on a fly. The dry fly action is starting to heat up!

What’s Hot

Kokanee fishing is red hot right now! Limits under 2 hours. Nice size salmon big ones are going 13″ average 9-10″.

Pike fishing is good and only going to get better. We caught 10 pike on a streamer fly using our #8 fly rods, lots of fun.

Lake trout fishing is starting to get more consistent as the summer season gets going. We are averaging 5-10 lakers per trip. The run off is still effecting the water clearity and the oxygen levels at the north end of the lake. We are catching most of our fish on the east side of the center bar in 190′ of water.

Grayling fishing on Rogers Lake is very good  right now. Dry flies and nymphs.

Lots of opportunities, see ya on the water.


Bass on a fly rod

Headed out to a near by slough in Kalispell Montana. Looking for some pike and bass on the fly rods this evening. No pike, but we were able to get quite a few great takes on the top with bass. Its a blast seeing a large mouth inhale your frog as it dances by the lily pads. We offer plenty of lake oppurtutnies for a variety of fish. Book your trip today.

Lots of runoff on the Flathead River and it is going to be quite some time before she is fishing. Missouri River is always a great option. Great weather this week so be sure to get out and enjoy

Artic Grayling

Had a great trip today with Jeff and Robin from North Carolina. With a lot of the rivers muddy-up lately, we have many lake opportunities to fill your fly fishing itch. Rodgers lake was a great choice today. Had a strong Callibaetis hatch come off at noon, and it was the strongest I had ever seen it. Fish started eating on the surface at about 1 o’clock. What great day being able to get them on nymphs, streamers and then to top it off with some great dry fly action. We have been catching some great pike lately as well!! Lots of energy in Montana with some great weather and some great fishing.

What’s Hot?

Kokanee fishing is read hot right now! Get out there and get some of these abundant tasty fish. Also, the perch and pike fishing is going strong.

Spring time fishing

Flathead Lake:

The lake trout fishing remains to be steady on Flathead Lake. This time of the season I call it the tansition period. These lakers seem to be moving around due to the run off and fluxuation of the water temperature and oxygen level. Try fishing the  east side of the center bar just off of Woods Bay point. You can fish the entire length of the centerbar starting at the delta all the way down to Yellow Bay.

Jigging in 200′ of water works well or trolling in 180-200′ the typical trolling dodgers and houchies.

Multi Specie

This is the time to get out and try for some pike. We caught 10 nice pike last Monday all on a fly rod using streamer flies, largest weighing 10 lbs. lots of fun on a fly rod. Also some 12″ perch!

Kokanee fishing kicks in starting this Sat. on Lake Mary Ronan.

Also the small and largemouth bass are starting to get active with the water warming.


Crappie, perch, pike, smallmouth bass, grayling

Anyone interested in catching a mixed bag or just catch some species of fish you haven’t caught in awhile now is the time. The crappie fishng is best for the next 6 weeks. Also the pike fishing,  perch and small mouth bass are red hot in the spring before the water warms up and the rivers get blown out from the runoff. How about some artic grayling? I recently purchased a new 16′ jon boat just right for these smaller bodies of water.

Spring fishing on Flathead Lake

Where to fish:

The fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady. We have been averaging 4-10 fish per trip. Typically this time of year the fish are on the move. One day you might find them at 80ft. of water and the next day in 200ft. of water. Be flexible and move around until you find large concentration of fish and then concentrate on that depth. The runoff is going to be the unknown for the next couple months. Depending on the temperature and the amount of rain mix will determine how much runoff we will have day to day. The east side of the center bar in 140ft. of water has been working good.

What to use:

This time of year I try and cover as much area as I can. I usually will fish a dodger or a flasher with a houchie combo, that way I can troll at 1.8 – 2.3 mph. When I find fish then I can try different lures to figure out what they want at that given day. Also Brad’s Super Baits have been catching fish.

I have been having good results using the Cha Cha 4” Salmon Squidder rigs from Mack’s lure #60063 has been a great color, also try #60062. www.mackslure.com

Also the electronic Prochip 8 series from pro-troll has been working good with a mother of pearl houchie tipped with a piece of cut bait is a good go to setup.

Tip of the Day:

In the spring time the weather in NW Montana can be very unpredictable. Keep an eye on the weather; a good rule to follow is that if you think it is to rough it probably is, get off the lake so you can fish another day. Be safe!

“No Bad Days”

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch Charters

Cannon Downrigger Authorized Service Center

Cannon Downriggers/Flathead Lake

Just a reminder, I am the A.S.C.Authorized Service Center for Cannon Downriggers. If you need any parts or repairs give us a call.

The fishing on Flathead Lake has been very good! Last week end we boated 16 fish with a couple slot fish, one 38″ fish at 18lbs.

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch Charters



Flathead Lake/Ice Off

The ice  is melting off of Flathead Lake and Westshore State Park is now open. Watch for some floating ice. In a week or so I am sure the lake will be completly open and free from all ice. We did two charters last weekend and it continues to be great fishing for big fish. We hooked 20 fish but only landed 13. The biggest fish was 38? at 19 lbs. All the fish were very healthy. Six fish in the slot size and a couple under the slot good for the dinner table. We were fishing deep at 190 to 200 ft. I look for the winter fishery to continue on the strong side. When the runoff starts, sometime in May, the fish will migrate to the river mouth. Get out and enjoy the great fishing. Be careful, pick a calm day.

See Ya on the water