Yes 4 days in a row

Yes, another great day on Flathed Lake. we caught two fish over the slot at 36″, 37″. We caught two fish in the slot at 34″ and 33″s.
Also two fish for the BarBQ at 26″ and 28″s. It was another carbon copy of the three previous days.
Just a reminder the slot is between 30 and 36 inches you have to release the fish.
This slot size restriction is to preserve the trophy fishery.
We were trolling in 190ft of water to 200 feet of water. These big fish live on the bottom and stay very deep, that is the home to the large lake trout. At these depths they feed on Lake Superior whitefish.

See Ya on the water

Yes, 3 days in a row!

Yes, another great day on the big lake. A 37″, 34″, 28″, 26″, and a 23″. It was a fun day fishing today the fish were biting, at least the big fish. It was another sunny calm day we just had a great day enjoying what Montana has to offer. My clients have fished with me several times and we just have a wonderful time together.

See Ya on the lake.

Back 2 Back

I went out on Flathead Lake for the second day in a row, and did better than yesterday. First we tried to find fish in some spots I have marked on my gps on the north end of the lake. But I could not find the fish. So I went back to where I fished yesterday. And yes we caught a 40″ 23lbs this fish was a little on the skinny side, maybe it was just getting started in the feed mode and ate our lure first. These big fish only feed about every seven days.
Then a 37″ 18lbr, a 35″ 16.5lbr, 34″, 28″, 26″. It was a great day for big fish. It was another beautiful day on the lake, no wind and about 40 degrees.

Get out and take advantage of the winter fishery.

Good Fishing

I just got doing a full day charter on the big lake. We were targeting big fish. I love it when a plan comes together, we caught 2 fish over the slot 2 in the slot and one under the slot.
It was a beautiful day on the lake no wind clear blue skies, and we only saw two other boats.
Spring fishing is a good time to target the big fish.

See Ya on the lake

Mo Fisch Products

We now have our hats t-shirts and sweatshirts and planer boards available.

The hats $20.00
t-s 20.00
crew neck 30.00 sweatshirt
hooded 35.00 swearshirt
planer boards $110.00/set
I am working on the new web page , it should be up real soon. There will be pictures of the clothes and planer boards.
If you are interested, give us a call or an email.

Lake Koocanusa

The spring fishing on Lake Koocanusa will start as soon as the ice gets out of the Rexford bay area. And road conditions allow us to travel up there. This should happen in March , but that will depend on how fast the ice melts. The spring is a real good time to catch large numbers of bulltrout. The rainbow fishing is good also in the spring, but I have found the rainbows to be alittle more difficult to catch in the spring than the fall. But remember one 10-20lb rainbow can make the year.

See ya on the water

Think Spring

Well it is February. The fishermen that have been getting out on Flathead Lake are doing great. It is winter mode for the laketrout, that means they are usually around the points and the rock or gravel areas. They are feeding on small perch fry. They are also very shallow in some areas and close to shore.

We are starting to get some bookings for the spring, but remember fishing is year round on the big lake so if you are interested lets get out there.