Its time

It is time to start fishing Lake Koocanusa. The ice is gone and the fish should start to get very acttive. The rainbows and the bulltrout both will start feeding more along the shoelines as it stats to warm up fist. I am planning a trip up there this weekend, so I will give you a update next week.

Steady fishing

The fishing for laketrout remains to be steady. This mornings charter we caught a37″, 17lbr, a 34″ and a 33″ slot fish, and one just under the slot at 28″, just right forĀ  the BBQ. I am still fishng the bottom in 200′ of water and trying to target the big fish. Last saturday I took a group out to the delta area in 80 to 100′ of water and caught 14 fish all in the 22 to 26″ range, they made a great filet for dinner that nigh for the clients. I think the fishing will be picking up once our weather pattern starts to smooth out.

Steady 4th annual

Fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady. The weather has slowed the fishing this past week. We are still catching some nice fish but it has slowed down. Last weekend we boated 2 nice slot fish and one over the slot at 38″ 19lbs. also 8 smaller fish for the smoker. The wind has been the problem in the mornings, but the afternoon bite has been better as the wind tapers off in the late afternoon.

For those of you that are interested I am putting on a Trolling & Jigging for Laketrout seminar April 5th at Snappy Sport Senter. Mo Fisch Charters and Dick Zimmer of Zimmer tackle well be giving a presentation on how and when, as well as lure selection etc.

Also I will be talking about planer boards how to set them up and how to present your lures using planer boards. Many people are confused on this type of fishing technique, it is a very effective way to fish. This is the method we use to fish Lake Koocanusa

See you on the water

Living the dream

The fishing continues to be very good for large laketrout. We are still averaging 6 to 10 big fish per charter. I have added more pictures to the most recent catches for flathead lake, so check them out. I have more pictures on the way. I hear that fishing is starting to pick up around the delta, so that would be a likely place to start looking for more fish to show up.

See ya on the water

Good Fishing Continues

We did two charters last weekend and it continues to be great fishing for big fish.
We hooked 20 fish but only landed 10. The biggest fish was 38″ at 19 lbs. All the fish were very healthy. Six fish in the slot size and a couple under the slot good for the dinner table. We were fishing deep at 190 to 200 ft. I look for the winter fishery to continue on the strong side. When the runoff starts, sometime in May, the fish will migrate to the river mouth. Get out and enjoy the great fishing. Be careful, pick a calm day.

See Ya on the water