Picking up

Well the fishing has picked up with the nice, stable weather. The latest trips have been yielding 15 to 25 fish in the boat and loosing many more. Not many big fish, the average are 3 to 5 lbs. real good eating fish and lots of them. The weather is cooperating and just before the run off starts it should remain good. Picked up some fish jigging, most of my fish have been caught trolling. I troll in about 100 to 140ft of water. Dodgers and squid and some spoons are working well.

See ya on the water

doubles and triples

Last sunday we had a great day on Flathead Lake. It was one of those days that really ups the average. Off  the delta on the east side in about 80 to 100ft of water the laketrout were stacked in there. Trolling thru them meant that you did not have time to sit down. Many double hookups and triples. We boated 38 fish in about 31/2 hours. No big fish all about 2 to 5 lbs. With an occasional 8lbr.

Nice rainbows

I spent last saturday on Lake Koocanusa. We caught 6 rainbows the largest at 8lbs. Also 2 bulltrout the largest 9lbs. The water temp. is up to 42 degrees on the surface and the rainbows are getting hungry. Also there must of been at least 30 boats out there fishing for koocanee salmon  and I heard they all were limiting out. Get up there before the run off starts.

Picking up

The laketrout  fishing is staring to pick up, just like I figured as soon as the weather calms down the fishing would pick up. Matt caught a real nice 15lbr and several smaller fish last saturday.  I think spring has sprung so get on the big lake and enjoy some spring mack fishing.


The fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady. The weather has not been very favorable. We are still catching 2 or 3 large fish every trip  with a few smaller ones thrown in. When spring kicks in and the weather warms up the fising will improve.

Cold water

I fished Lake Koocanusa last week,  we caught 6 bull trout the largest at 9lbs, and two small rainbows at 2-3lbs. The surface water tempature was 39degrees, maybe a bit to cold yet. I believe  the fish are abit lethargic the fishing will get better as the water temp. goes up. I look for the fishing to improve in the next 2 to 3 weeks.