Keep Moving

Had a very intersting fishing trip today on Flathead Lake. I thought the day was going to be a disaster. We ended up with a very nice 36″ 16lb laker, a 33″, and 3 at 28″.  It was very windy and the wind kept changing directions. The mud line kept moving every time the wind changed. We got our first bite at 11:30 put 5 fish in the boat in 45 minutes, I am sure it won’t be a day this 11 year old boy from New Mexico won’t  soon forget.
Bottom line keep moving and try to find the fish. If I had stayed in the area that worked for me last week I am sure we would not have caught any fish. The fish were in the mud line , on the edge of the clean water, stick with it and keep moving.

See Ya on the water

Swan Lake

I just got off Swan Lake. We did manage to get one real nice 10lb pike. I will get the picture up on most recent pictures soon. Also we had three more on. I spent a lot of time trolling the deep water looking for the lake trout in that lake, but I did not mark many fish deep. I need to spend some more time on that lake. Swan Lake is a real good fishery and is under fished, get out there and try it. You might wait until the water starts to come down.

Whitefish Lake

I fished Whitefish Lake last friday. We lost several fish, lady luck just would not let us get them to the boat. I did see a lot fish on the fish finder but they just would not bite. I think there are a lot of factors to the negative going on right now.  I do believe in the lunar charts, the low pressures coming through the area, the wind all factors of why and when fish feed. Some people don’t believe that when a low pressure is coming in or is on top of us it doesn’t effect the bite. I ask them , then why is it that when that happens the fish don’t bite! I believe that lake trout, not like a lot of other fish, their air bladder is more sensitive to the low pressure than other fish. Also the runoff is in full swing and the water is muddy, there is more  oxygen in the water and I think the fish are abit confused.

I guess that is why it is called fishing and not catching.

And I guess that is why we keep going back.

See Ya on the water


I fished Lake Koocanusa yesterday, and we had a good time. We put a 5lb rainbow in the box and a 3lbr and one shaker. Also caught one bull trout. The run off is getting bad, the water is not to muddy, but there is a lot of trees and twigs on the water, kinda tough to fish 8 lines and not get hooked up with that stuff. I would wait until fall to try for the rainbows again.

On the move

I have been out on Flathead Lake  the last two days and it has been very windy. The mud line is moving around a lot with the wind. The fish are also moving with the mud line. Right now you have to move and find the fish. I have been able to find fish but they don’t want to bite. The fishing has slowed down with these fronts moving through, so when the weather calms down, I look for the fishing to pick back up. Also be very careful with all the debri out there.  Today I went up to fish Whitefish lake. There are a lot of lake trout in that lake. The fishing was slow,  but the big winds don’t effect that lake very much. Also the runoff is mild compared to Flathead lake. You can launch a boat very easily at the State Park.

See Ya on the water

Good fishing

Today I did a charter and had a great adventure. The runoff is just getting going, and the fish have moved north to the delta area. We picked up 9 real nice fish from 25″ to 29″. I was trolling my favoriate flasher and houchie. We moved over into 160″ of water and picked up one nice 39″,  17lbs.  Trolling deep for the big ones I always go to a Stingfish, it is a electronic lure. What that really means it is a flatfish with a echip in it. The more I use this echip the more fish I catch, yes I think it does work! When I want to catch numbers of aveage size fish I use the electronic prochip flaher in the 8″ series. That is a 8″ flasher with the echip in it, then behind it I put a houchie about 23″s behind the flasher, again the echip seems to be working real well. On my home page you will see a link to Pro-Troll click on it and you will find the lures I am talking about.  The lake is perfect right now, so get out there this weekend and enjoy the great fishing and the warm weather.

See ya on the water

Unsettled weather

What a difference the weather makes on the lake trout. We were out last friday and saturday and there were a lot of fish on the sonar, but it was difficult to figure out what they wanted. We managed to put a couple of fish in the cooler and lost many more. When we loose fish that easily I figure they just don’t really want to bite. Once these little fronts move out of the area I exspect the fishing to get red hot again. I am still hearing a lot of great fishing in Polson Bay for the perch, some friends tell me they are filling up 5 gallon buckets of keeper size perch. Oh ya, the runoff is getting going pretty strong now, watch out for the debri.
See ya on the water


Okay, alittle late, but the runoff has started. The runoff does not hurt the fishing, in fact, I think it improves it. Last weekend we picked up 18 fish and lost another 6 it was a great time for dad and the two kids. During the runoff I move around a lot and look for fish. I think that all the oxygen and debre brought down the river gets the fish excited and they are looking for new food sources and there is just alot of things changing and going on during the runoff. A lot of fish move to the river mouth to take advantage of all this activity. That is why after the runoff, and the water clears, the fishing gets really tough. The fish then spread out and you have to go looking for them again. Remember it is all about their food source.

I wanted to tell you about a great new web site.

Dick Zimmer is the owner founder of Zimmer tackle. Dick and I have fished together several times. He and I do the seminars together every year. Dick is probably the most knowledgable fisherman on Flathead lake. Check out his line of lures and scents and his fishing reports are very helpful. He makes all of his products right here locally in Pablo, Mt. and they work.
I am very proud to be on the PRO STAFF for Zimmer tackle and helping Dick get the public out there and enjoy our lake.

See Ya on the water

Spring rainbows, Derby

Lake Koocanusa has been alittle slow for the big rainbows.

There will be the annual fishing derby held by the Koocanusa resort, May 17th and 18. Remember to sign up early for this event as you have to check in on the friday before the derby. This is a fun derby, there is usually about 100 boats in this one. I am still trying to get a group together to enter this one. Usually a 12lb fish will win, also there are other devisions for many prizes.

See ya there

Spring time

The fishing has been steady. Last week we picked up a nice 39 in. 16lb laker. East of the center bar has been holding alot of fish. The run off is starting, so we will be fishing the edge of the mud line. Sometimes I fish right in the muddy water and pick up fish. I do not think that the mud effects the fish as much as it effects us. Be careful out there as the debre can get thick. West Shore State Park is a good boat ramp, and there is a nice dock. The weather has been very stable lately, and that is making the fishing alot easier. There are alot of smaller lake trout stacked up just off the south end of the delta.

 See Ya on the water