Bite is back

Today was a great day on Flathead Lake. We jigged up 6 fish this morning ranging from 26″ to 29″. In the afternoon we caught 6 more fish trolling. We jigged in 85′ of water and trolled over 140’of water. It was a beautiful day on the lake, 75 to 85 degrees and just a slight breeze. We jigged with white lead head jigs with a twister tail and baited with cut bait. Trolling with flashers with a squid in mother of pearl. It is just going to get better.
See ya on the water

The bite is back

This mornings charter yielded 18 fish. Finally the bite is back. This afternoon, in only 2 hours of fishing, 9 fish. On both charters we did loose 6 fish so the bite was better than what we landed.The fish are suspended in 30 to 40 ft down over any depth. There is a thermocline at that depth as the runoff continues.  The weather has been just perfect.

Get out there


Still waiting for the fish to turn on. Today was ok. Morning charter yielded 4 fish, one slot fish at 35 inches, and 3 for the BBQ. Afternoon charter was about the same. Still marking a lot fish but they just aren’t interested yet!
Hang in there


The fishng has been frustrating. It is one of those times when you mark a lot of fish on the fish finder but can’t get them to bite no matter what you try. I sctratched out one 18lbr yesterday by fishing deep at 160 ft. Then caught three smaller fish in at 80 ft of water. The snow is all gone and the weather has turned warm. I do exspect the fishing to pick up any day now. Today we caught 3 fish on one charter then 5 on the other boat. The fish are hitting spoons more than the typical dogger squid combination. Be patient, keep at it a one day soon it is going to get red hot.

see ya on the water


What, snow in June! I cancelled a charter this morning, I think it is best to let the weather settle down.  34degrees and snowing with a 15 MPH wind didn’t sound like fun to a family from Texas.  I will keep you updated on the fishing as soon as I get the snow off my boat.



Just when you think spring has sprung, it is late winter again. Very windy on the lake and rain. Last couple of charters I have been able to scratch out 5 or 6 fish, not real good. I am seeing a lot of fish on the fish finder, so when the weather breaks it should get good again. Be patient, it has to get to summer sooner or later.

Keep a tight line


Yes, today we did a charter, and all dayer. Fishing south again on the east side. 23 fish in the boat and lost at least 9  more. I think the weather is getting more stable and the fish are responding.

Also Bitteroot Lake is doing great on the kokanee, and the rainbows. Also middle Thompson Lake is giving up some nice salmon.

We do charter on these lakes if you are intersted in learning how to fish these bodies of water.

See Ya there

Steady Fishing

The fishing on Flathead has been very steady. The last 6 charters have netted 8 to 11 fish per charter. I have been moving around the lake to find clean water and fish that want to bite.  Lately we have been fishing in the 140 to 160′ of water, mostly on the east side and south of Woods Bay. The runoff has seemed to settle down now, and the east shore line has been getting cleaner and wider every day. If we continue to have a southeast wind that will keep most of the mud to the north and the west side of the lake. Still using the echip flasher and a hoochie. We have been getting some fish on spoons and they are suspended around 60′, adding side planer boards to our mix. I look for the fishing to get better as the weather gets into more of a summer pattern. I hear that the perch fishing is doing well in  Polson Bay. Also the kokanee fishing is in full swing on Bitteroot Lake. Also some nice rainbows are being caught on Bitteroot.
See Ya on the water