The whitedfish fishing has been on and off. One of my guides put 40 whitefish in the boat last saturday, then today only one. The whitefish seem to be moving around a lot. I would suggest you keep moving and looking for them. First try and locate fish on the fish finder, see if they will bite, if not, keep moving. Stay in the 55ft depth that is just under the thermol. There is enough of us looking for them, they can’t hide for ever.

The laketrout bite has been steady. Get some laketrout while waiting for the whitefish.

See ya on the water.

Steady fishing

The lake trout fishing has been very consistent. Todays catch was 7 fish in the cooler, and 3 LDR’s (long distance release) you know the big one always gets away. Great day the weather was perfect.

Also check out the link on my home page BIGFORK ANGLERS. This is a very professional fly fishing/guide shop. Great guys.

See ya on the big pond


The “Mac Attack” lake trout and Whitefish tournament is August 2nd and 3rd headquartered out of Del’s Bar in Somers. The Whitefish Jig fest will be the 22nd, 23 rd, 24th, of August

Its time

Okay, the whitefish are starting to show up. I would suggest you get out there this weekend. Fish the normal hot spots. The river mouth, Woods Bay point. Jig the rattlesnaky, and Zimmers green jig. Go to the link on my home page and check Zimmers web site  that will help you out.

Also the lake trout continue to bite. Remember you can get lake trout while jigging for the whitefish, kinda fun on light tackle.

See Ya on the lake

Good Fishing

The fishing remains to be steady. We have been catching 10 to 20 fish per charter. I had a great day last week with 32 fish in the net. Some days you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Spoons have been working very well. The fish are still in the thermol between 25 to 55ft suspended.

The whitefish bite is just getting going still maybe a week away before the strong bite starts.

See ya on the lake


The laketrout fishng has been holding steady. We had a thunder strom, low pressure system, come through the area last wednesday and that slowed down the fishing. Thursday’s fishing picked up again. The fish are starting to spread out over the north end of the lake, as the runoff is slowing down. The surface temperature is 68.9 degrees 10 feet down is 59.0 degrees and 30ft down it is 52.0 degrees, so we have a very significant thermal on the lake. The fish are staying in that thermal and will stay there as it drops in the water column until the lake turns over and the fish will then be closer to the bottom of the lake.

Whitefish are starting to show up. Thursday we caught a couple of them, so any day now it will turn on.

See Ya on the water

Red Hot

Red hot fishing. Get out there the lake trout are really biting. This is the time we have been waiting for. We are haveing 30 to 50 fish days per charter. The fish are suspended up in the 25 to 50ft thermol. The jig fishermen are doing as well. The whitefish are just starting to bite. The weather is perfect.

See Ya on the water.

Best day

Today was one of those days to write home about. This morning we caught one 40″ 22lb, great fish, then two fish at 33″ and 9 fish just under the slot. In the afternoon charter we caught 11 fish between 27 and 30″‘s, and we only fished for two hours. Also the whitefish are starting to show up, Matt caught 8 this afternnon so in a week the bite should be going strong.

See ya on the water

Fun fishing

It is always a great day when it all comes together. July 3rd we had some great trips. Last thursday in the morning we boated 9 fish, and in the afternoon we caught 16,  the biggest at 33′ 16lbs. Yesterday the 4th was also had a fun day  boating 14 fish with one slot fish and one just over the slot. The water is clearing depending on which way the wind blows. The fish are feeding on 4 to 6 inch whitefish and are very active. Thursday we found the fish in 40′ of water then on Friday they were in 80 to 100′ of water. Remember to move around and find the fish, don’t get stuck in just one area or one depth. Trolling with bright flashers with the echip and a white hoochie. Also some spoons are working well with the shallower fish. Crocodile in brass and kamloop spoons are picking up fish. The weather has been just great and the wind has calmed down, except for the afternoon thunder storms. We anticipate the whitefish bite to start in a couple of weeks, I will keep you posted. Also we did some jigging near painted rocks with some good results.

See ya on the water.