The white fish situation remains to be a mystery. The white fish are not hard to find, we just can’t seem to get them to bite. We snag more than we get to bite the jig.

The laketrout fishing remains to be steady. The wind is the only thing these days. On the calm mornings we do great, if the winds comes up the fish stop biting. This labor day weekend will be a big test for the white fish.

See ya on the water


The whitefish bite has been very unpredictable. One day we go out and catch 10 to 30 of them, then the next day just one or two. It has ben that way for everyone. You have to move around and find the fish. The perch fry is the question. Is there not very many, or where are they? FWP thinks that most of the perch did not make it  because the water temp. was very cold durning the hatch. We are all hoiping that best bite is yet to come, I guess we will wait and see.

The laketrout fishing remains to be very good.

See ya on the water.

Whitefish bite

Okay, it is time to get your whitefish. I was out this morning and caught all we wanted. The Woods Bay area is red hot, also the river mouth the delta area. I am sure some of the other areas are doing well. The lake trout bite is still on. You will probably get some lakers trying for the whitefish.

Its all about the fun


The whitefish bite has been unpredictable. On some charters we have caught up to 40 fish and then the next day  just one or two fish. They seem to be moving around a lot because the perch fry are still small and underdeveloped. Also maybe the numbers of the perch fry are down so that is why the whitefish are not as concentrated as in the past years. We still have a lot time to see what happens.

The laketrout bite continues to be strong. Fishing the normal areas, and the fish are still in the thermol at about 35 to 55 ft. down from the surface. The delta and the center bar are fishing well. Also the Wood’s Bay area has been good.  Don’t forget to sign up for the jig fest on August 22nd and the 23rd.

See ya on the water