The fishing on Flathead Lake is holding steady. We are averaging 8 to 12 fish per 1/2 day charter. Nice size fish 3 to 6lbs. with an occasional 12 to 15lbr. The fish are starting to bunch up in the spawning areas. They don’t seem to want to bite to freely right now but they are easy to find. Angel Point and inside Woods Bay are two great spots. The delta is still holding some fish. I am catching them  everything that worked all summer long. I still like the pro troll flasher, all chrome with the echip in 8″ and a green or white hochie about 23″ behind the flasher.

I am going up to Lake Koocanusa this wednesday to try for some big rainbows, I will give you an update later in the week.

Just a note of interest I caught 39 bull trout this summer on Flathead, I wonder if they are still that endangered. The biggest bull went 10.5lbs and most of them were in the 3 to 6lb range, interesting.

See ya on the water


Okay, fishing has been just okay. Not much to report , that is why I have been waiting for some thing to happen. The spawn for the laketrout will start in the next few weeks. That means the fish will start to congregate in the spawning areas, and bunch up.  I am getting more prepared to start fishing Lake Koocanusa. I have heard that the koocanee spawn is 2 to 3 weeks early this year, so  maybe the rainbow fishing might start early. I guess we will just have to go up there and start fishing.

Fishing on Flathead still is good. Today we caught 13 laketrout and 3 bulls.

 See ya on the water


It seems that there is a lot of interest in the rainbow fishing on Lake Koocanusa for this fall. It is not to early to start planning. The calender is filling up fast for the month of November. If you are planning a trip this fall, the fishing might start earlier than usual. The surface water temp. needs to get down to around 52degrees for the rainbows to come to the surface to feed. I usually plan Oct. 31st to start the season for me. I will keep you posted on the water temp. and the fishing action. Plan early for this fishing and set your boat up and get the proper gear and tackle. This is a fishery that you need to pay attention to the little things. If you have any questions feel free to get a hold of us.

See ya there

No whitefish

It looks like the whitefish bite is a bust. Lots of guesses what happened, so we shall see? The perch hacth just did not happen, probably due to the low water temp. in the spring?

The lake trout fishing remains to be steady.

There is going to be a seminar at Snappy Sport Senter this sat. at 10am. It will be on trolling and how to fish Lake Koocanusa. This will be about using flies and the use of planner boards to catch rainbow trout.  This seminar will be put on by Ron Anderson(captn Andy flies) from Libby. Ron has a lot of experience fishing both Lake Koocanuse and Kootani Lake in Canada. 

Se ya on the water