Bitteroot Lake, News

The fishing has been steadly picking up for the rainbows. Both Bitteroot Lake and Lake Koocanusa have been getting better. Matt did a charter up at Bitteroot Lake and caught one nice 9lb rainbow and several smaller ones. There has been reports of some bigger fish being caught. Also Lake Koocanusa has been steady with some smaller fish with an occasional big fish. Rainbow fishing will just get better as the winter comes on and the surface water temperature lowers. 

See ya on the water

Fall Fishing

Not much new to report. The laketrout are still biting on Flathead. Bitteroot Lake is turning out some nice rainbows. I will be doing several trips on Lake Koocanusa in November so I will keep you posted. Let me know if you any fishing reposrts.


See Ya on the water


I fished Lake Koocanusa yesterday. We put 6 rainbows in the boat. the largest was 5lbs. most of them were in the 2lb average. The surface temp. started out at 58 degrees, then warmed up to 61 by mid day. We lost another 6 fish as they would strike very hard, usually see them break the surface,  then throw the hook. One we lost looked to be a larger fish maybe 8 to 10lbs. We caught most of our fish on a stremer fly and a couple fish hit a Lyman lure. It was a beautiful day, the fall colors and the beauty of the area was fantastic. There did seem to be a lot of fish around as we had fish on the finder all day long. I think the larger fish will get more active as the surface temp. cools down even more. I look for a good fall fishery. You are allowed a 5 fish limit with only one over 22 inches a day. Remember if you want to keep two bulltrout a year, one a day per person, be sure and pick up a catch card at the FWP office in Kalispell, they are free of charge.

 See Ya on the water