Happy Thanksgiving

I just fished Lake Koocanusa last tuesday with some friends. We caught 3 nice bulltrout 9lbs. each, and two rainbows one at 5lbs and one at 6lbs. not big for Koocanusa but big by most standards. Don’t put that boat away yet, there is still great fishing to come. Check the weather and get out on the lake. I will be fishing Lake Koocanusa in December. The nice thing about the Eureka area it is mostly sunny and the winter doesn’t take a firm grip on that area until January. The bite has changed the last couple of times I have been out there, most of the fish have come on the plugs and the Rapala’s.  I still always have some streamer flies out. Check out the most recent catches for Lake Koocanusa, I have posted the November catches.

I want to thank everyone for a great year. The friends we have made in the fishing world are long lasting. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a special holiday season.

See Ya on the water


I just fished last saturday and sunday on Lake Koocanusa. Saturday was good we boated 5 fish. 4 rainbows biggest 6lbs and one bull at 5lbs.  It was alittle slow compared to last week, but still good fishing. Sunday we did the same 4 rainbows and one bull. The biggest rainbow got away righht behind the boat it was about 12lbs, to bad. All but one fish was caught on plugs. Those fish are very difficult to pattern, and what they hit can vary from day to day, you just have to try it all. I did put down two downriggers at 20 to 30ft but no hits. The surface temp. has dropped to 49.0 degrees so I think I might start trolling  alittle slower as it keeps getting colder, try and troll slower at 2.5 to 3.0 mph.

See ya on the water


I just finished 4 days on Lake Koocanusa. The total number of fish per day has slowed down. We are boating an average of 5 fish per day and loosing 2 or 3 more. We landed on real bulltrout last saturday at 13lbs. And a nice rainbow that weighed in at 10lbs. Many bulltrout in the 9 lb range. Steady fishing, I will be back up there this next weekend. Keep a eye on the most recent pictures as they will be up in the next couple of days.

See ya on the water


Just like it, just when you think you have these rainbows figured out they teach you a lesson. I fished monday and only caught 3 fish, and tuesday only 4 fish, not  bad but compared to last week not as good. If you believe in the lunar charts the moon phase has changed. Yesterday was very windy , gusts up to 40 mph. So for whatever reason the last two days weren’t as good, but I will continue to fish. One 15lb rainbow makes the entire year so again keep the lures in the water and the boat moving forward.

See ya up there

Rainbows and Bulls

I just fished Lake Koocanusa the last 5 days, and man it is time to catch some nice fish. Last saturday and sunday there was 8 boats up there from the valley and everyone caught some great fish. The average catch was about 12 fish per boat per day. The largest rainbow I heard of was 13lbs by the Scotty boat. The biggest bull was 12lbs caught by the Mo Fisch guys. The largest rainbow Steve Hoffer caught today with me was 11.2lbs. I guess he is going to mount it. He is the taxidermist guy that does all our fish! We have been catching about the same number of bulls to the rainbows. Our best day was last sunday with 16 fish in the boat and lost 4 more, of course the big one ALWAYS gets away. I will be up there the rest of the week, so I will report when I get back. I think it will hold steady and probably get better. We had some friends from the Livingston area fish up there next to us and they say they will be back next year for a week. They caught some BIG fish, it was their first time on the lake. I will be posting some new pictures when I get a break from the fishing. If you decide to go up there remember to get your catch card from FW&P in Kalispell so you can keep 1 bulltrout a day and 2 for the year, the catch cards are free. By the way Steve is going to mount up a 10lb bulltrout they caught today. If you have any questions send me an email, or catch me at Snappy Sport Senter, when I am not fishing! This is a fishery you need to learn how to fish.

See ya at Lake Koocanusa

Flathead Lake

The big pond is still producing alot of fish. Matt just did a charter last tuesday and put 14 fish in  the cooler. Fishing up on the north end out of Somers trolling in about 60ft of water with the same dodgers and squids. Some nice fish up to 9lbs. Keep an eye on the weather and enjoy some great winter fishing.


See ya out there


Okay, I just fished last friday, and saturday. Great fishing was had by all. We caught 5 bulltrout and 5 rainbows on friday. Saturday we caught 6 bulls and 6 rainbows. The biggest bull was 9.3lbs  and the largest rainbow was 8lbs. It was steady fishing , all the other boats did just as well. There was 6 boats up there  from the Kalispell area.  Scotty caught a 13lb rainbow and Matt did real well  with a 10 and a 12lb rainbow.  I will be back up there all next week so I will keep you up to speed. The fish were caught on a mix of lures, nothing real consistent. Flies to plugs, it seemed like everything was working, and a variety of colors. There seems to be a larg population of 2 to 3lb rainbows and I did catch some small bulls so the future looks bright, nice to see those younger fish. The weather was perfect for fishing a bit cold in the morning and it rained most of saturday. I felt sorry for the three guys in a small open boat, that Cameron bunch are dedicated fishermen? The surface temperature was right at 51.2 degrees which is just what we are looking for. I am booked for almost the entire month of November so it will be fun to see how the fishing progresses. If you have any questions about fishing Lake Koocanusa feel to give me a call.

See ya on the lake

Lake Koocanusa

I just got off Lake Koocanusa. We caught one nice approx. 12lb rainbow , but Josh lost the fish of his life time. Also landed 2 smaller rainbows at 2lbs., and one 9lb bull trout. I think things are looking very good for this fall/winter fishery. I will keep you posted.

See ya on the lake