Just a reminder, winter is the time to do all your maintenance so you are ready to go in the spring.  Winterize that boat, change the oil and the lower unit oil. Take your electronics out of the boat and store inside the house. Any LCD (liquid crystals) should not be left out in the cold. I always change my fishing line and start with new line every spring. Organize your lures and tie up some new leaders,  build up your inventory of hooks, snaps and swivels. 

For those of you that don’t know, I am the ASC (authorized service center) for Cannon downriggers in our area. Now is a good time to have those downriggers repaired, serviced before the season starts,  before we all are very busy.  Things to check on your downrigger would be the axle on the front roller, the cable, and cord. If you have any trouble with the switch going up or down it should be replaced. The clutch disc should be cleaned and lubed. Clean the electric board and reseal the case cover.  Check your electric power cords, sometimes they get weather checked and start to crack. If you see any cracks in the cord, replace it. Cannon has changed the cord style on all their downriggers to the new style. It is a better cord and connection, but all the old cords will have to be replaced with the new style. There are no old style cords available.  Remember a little maintenance in the off season could save extended down time in the summer. 


I talked to friend of mine that operates a charter business on Kooteny Lake in B.C., Split Shot Charters. He has been fishing for the rainbows and bulltrout on that lake and been doing very well. Last saturday he caught 3 rainbows and 3 bulltrout. All the fish were between 9 and 13 ponds. If you ever want to hire him for a charter I highly reccomned it. Fishing with him on that lake you would certainly learn some new technics that would apply down here.

Icy roads and slick boat ramps have keep off Lake Koocanusa. But I have been ice fishing. Saturday we went down to east bay on Flathead Lake, only caught 10 small fish. Sunday I fished Lower Stillwater Lake and did very well, 23 keepers, and the biggest pushing 2lbs., nice perch. I also caught one lake trout, go figure. I’ll keep you posted on the ice fishing.

Merry Christmas, see ya on the lake

Before the cold

I just off Lake Koocanusa. It was good. I boated two fish one bulltrout at 8lbs.  and one at 10lbs. We lost 3 fish. We lost one real nice rainbow just before the net. The lake was calm, cold and clear skies. The surface water temp. was 46.2 degrees. There are some nice fish to be caught, just check out the weather before you try to go. The boat ramp was free of ice and the boat dock has been pushed down to the water, so no problem. There were 4 other boats fishing and they did about the same. We caught all the fish on plugs, the color did vary, no real pattern.

See ya out there


Cold feet

Just to keep you guys posted, I am getting some good reports from Lake Koocanusa. I heard from two friends that spent last thusday and friday up there, a 13lb rainbow, nice fish. They also caught some nice bulls, up to 12 lbs. and several smaller fish. I am heading up this weekend so I will give you a report. The lunar tables say friday shuld be the best day of the month, so I am conducting my own test.

I did got up to Lower Stillerwater Lake, last sunday, and did some ICE fishing for some perch. Did very well,  took home 15 keepers for the deep fryer.  Remember, keep me posted on your fishing stories, good or bad.

See ya out there  



Winter fishery

I have had several of you call me and ask if the fishing was over at Lake Koocanusa? No, the fishing continues on. The only difference now is the weather. The snow or slick roads might make it difficult to get to the lake. If you can make it up to the boat ramp, by all means continue to fish the lake. The only thing about fishing when the water keeps getting colder is  try some different presentations. Try trolling slower, try some different type of lures that fish well at slower speeds. I do believe that the fish do move up and down the lake all the time, that is why we don’t always catch them in the same areas day after day. As it does get colder the fish don’t need to feed as much or as often. The same basics, keep the lures in the water and the boat moving forward. Try some different lures or flies. Persistence will pay off. Remember it would only take one big rainbow to make the entire season. Keep me posted on how it is going for you, tell us about the good days and the bad.

See ya on the water