I just got back from Lake Koocanusa and it is frozen from the Canadian border down to 1/4mile north of the bridge. If you want to fish it you will have to launch either at Peck Gulch or Rocky Gorge. I did talk to a couple of fishermen and they are picking up some nice bulltrout in the 8lb range and some smaller rainbows in the 6 to8lb range. I did not fish I just worked on my boat.

Flathead Lake is really starting to put out some real nice big fish. Reports are in the low 20lbs and several more in the slot size and below slot. Now is the time to get out on the lake and target the trophy size fish. Try trolling big flatfish with the e-chip in 190ft of water off of Painted Rock or Yellow Bay. If you like to jig try the same area with a large lead head jig from Zimmer tackle.

See ya on the water

Cabin Fever

Not much to report on the fishing right now. We are still doing some ice fishing and catching some mighty fine eating perch. We were out on Flathead Lake last week and did OK. We managed to boat 3 nice fish just under the slot and two in the slot. The weather got a bit nasty so we decided to end the day early.

We are starting to get some phone calls from people wanting to get out and try their luck. This a great time to catch some big lake trout. I also heard from some friends that Lake Koocanusa finally froze from Canada to about 1/4 mile north of the bridge.

See ya out there

Great Rockies Sport Show

Just a reminder that we will be at the Great Rockies Sport Show here in Kalispell Feb.27-
Mar1.  We did the Sport Show in Great Falls last weekend and it went very well. There was a large turnout and good response to all the exhibitors. I don’t think that the slow economy is going to slow down the outdoor enthusiast.

We will also be doing the Great Western Sport Fishing Show in Spokane March 6-8. This is a great show featuring all fishing exhibitors, no hunting or R.V.’s.  So if you make it out to either of the shows be sure and stop by and say hello.