Just got off the lake. It was better than I thought it would be! I predicted 8 fish and we brought in 13. We let go 3 more fish. Not a bad day overall.  Still flatfish on the bottom. It was not a nice day weather wise. If the weather would get nice I am sure the fishing would be great. We did manage to bring up a very old rod and reel someone lost many years ago, it will interesting to find out just how old this reel is. It is a nuckle buster and made with brass all around the outside. My deck hand lost the rod. Off of Painted Rocks was good again and south. I gave a friend of mine 3 flastfish to try today, he caught 11 fish with them and went directly to Snappy’s to buy some Stingfish.

See ya on the water

Good fishing/bad weather

I just got off Flathead Lake and it was a god day. The weather was one of those crazy days. First it was clody , then snowed, then calm, then sunny, then rain. We managed to put 17 fish in the boat. One over the slot, 3 in the slot and 13 to the food bank. Flatfish from Worden’s, in glow white T-60, and M-2SP red/white caught most of the fish.

I installed the map chip from Navionic’s today, and I would highly reccomend it. The detail is right on and the contours are perfect. Navionic’s mapped our lake last summer and it is now available. PREM-5

See ya on the lake

Steady fishing

The fishing for large lake trout, and good numbers of lake trout remain steady. I was out today and we put 12 fish in the boat, 3 slot fish and 9 good eating size fish. I found fish off of  Painted Rocks and north to Goose Island. Today the red/white M-2SP deep diver from Worden’s Lures worked very well. I also did add the e-chip to the shank of the hook. Also the Stingfish worked great. I am kinda liking this e-chip. The weather was a factor today as it blew from the south at about 8-12mph, and it was very cold.

Be sure and sign up for the Mack Days, you just might catch a winner.

See Ya on the water

On the move

 The key was finding the fish. They were not where they had been for the past 2 weeks. I trolled north out of Westshore State Park and found the best fishing I have had in several years. We put 28 fish in the boat. The biggest fish was 38″ just under 20lbs. Still trolling big flatfish right on the bottom, in 140 to 160ft. of water.We did not catch a fish uner 27″s. Most were right at 28 to 29″,  what a day, 9 fish in the slot. Today the color seemed to be red/white and many on the frog pattern. No tagged fish for the derby but many raffle tickets. I still encourage you to get out and win some prizes.


See out there

Flatfish, trolling

I think I told you that the bite changes. Today I still caught fish on a flatfish, but it was Worden’s Lures, Yakima Bait Co.  T-55 and T-60’s in Silver Lime Chartreuse, and Lime Chartreuse Tiger.  Green is always a good color on Flathead. Also the new M2 Sp Flatfish works very well. This new flatfish from Worden’s has more action than the original flatfish and more vibration and rattle, I really like this new flatfish. Today one over the slot at 37″ and 4 in the slot, which we did put back to grow some more. Also 8 under the slot, going to the smoker. These lake tout are extremely  good eating, give them a try.

A reminder. Sign up for the Mack Days, it is free, and who knows you just might catch a winning fish. We need everyone to help keep the population of the small lake trout in check. So far it is working, the lake trout numbers are going down, and the bull trout numbers are increasing. We have a lot of lake tout lake, so lets try and catch them rather than gill nets!

By the way, I don’t jig much, but three of my friends put 75 smaller fish, 24″ to 28″,  in the boat the other day. And one guy is in the running for the most fish caught so far in the Mack Days.

Go to Mack Days.com and sign up.

See ya out on the water

What can I say

You better get out there, the bite is on! Last tuesday we put 12 fish in the boat two over the slot at 37″ and 39″. 22lbs.

Wednesday, also very good 16 fish in the boat with the largest at 39″ and 22lbs.

The stingfish from pro-trol is working for me. Fishing in 140/190′ of water right on the bottom. I am fishing mainly on the west side of the lake from Angle Point south to the reservation line.

See ya on the lake


April 4th, keep this day open to come down to Snappy Sport Senter to sit in on several seminars on catching lake trout. We will be doing a seminar on trolling, and Dick Zimmer will be doing one on jigging. Also there will be several other professional fishermen there doing various seminars on electronics. Also some of the product reps. will be on hand to show off their new products. Check with Snappy’s to get the schedule. We will also be available friday night just as a greeting night to visit and talk about FISHING. Plan to attend, this is the 4th year we have presented this event and it is always very informative.

See ya there

Season opener

I hate to say I told you so! Yesterday March 14th, a day to rmember. The biggest was 31.1lbs., 43″ long with a 28″ girth. Second fish over the slot, was 24lbs., 40″ long.  The biggest fish is leading the big fish catagory in the Mack Days Derby. We also released 3 slot fish, between 30/36″ in length. I cleaned 4 fish under the slot an we lost 3 fish. It was a day to remember. The weather was perfect and the biggest factor there was no wind.  I always like the best conditions of 2 days before a full moon , or 2 days just after a full moon. If you can have a steady barometer for at least two days and no wind it should be a bonus day. We were fishng in 140/180ft of water. Pulling large flatfish right on the bottom. Caught 5 fish using the eletronic stingfish by Pro-Troll in metallic frog, or blue barra. The other fish also came on a flatfish from Worden’s Lures,  Yakima Bait Com.,original Flatfish. in a red/white or a metallic silver and blue.

The key here is the slow presentation. .5 to 1.5mph and remember keep the lures right on the bottom. These big fish are bottom dwellers, and they are lazy, they will not chase a fast moving lure.Yes, I did use some cut bait. 

See ya on the water

Spring time

This is the time to get out there! Matt was out today put 11 fish in the boat the biggest was 39″ 22lbs. 3 other in the slot, and the rest 26-29″. We are trolling the bottom with big tackle for the new state record. I had some friends out there today, jigging off of painted rocks, and between the three of them they put 75 fish  in the boat. The difference is they were jigging, and trying to catch numbers of fish. I am not saying that you can’t catch big fish jigging, I just feel you have a better chance trolling. I am out in the morning and I have another charter for monday, I will keep you up to date.

See ya on the lake

I’m back!

I just got off Flathead Lake. What a great day. Maybe it was cabin fever, or maybe I missed my boat. The fishing was very good. We put 15 fish in the net. 5 fish were in the slot, 30 to 36″ and the heaviest was 16lbs., a very girthy fish.  8 fish are going on the BBQ we released 2 fish, and we lost 2 more fish. I fished just north of Angel Point in 140ft of water trolling large stingfish, that is the one with the e-chip in it from Pro-troll. The colors varied from silver and blue, all chrome, white with some red. I was trolling 1-1.3mph. We also fished off of Painted Rocks in 180ft of water where most of our fish were caught. The weather was perfect in the morning then the wind came up in the afternoon. I do have some more charters booked for next week so I will keep you up to date.

If you want some good late winter, early spring lake trout fishing, and you are tired of ice fishing,  get out there, now is the time. We launched at West Shore State Park, no problem.

Next week I am going to try the Delta area , I am hearing some good reports from there. Also north of Yellow Bay is fishing good, big fish.

See Ya on the water