Season opener

I hate to say I told you so! Yesterday March 14th, a day to rmember. The biggest was 31.1lbs., 43″ long with a 28″ girth. Second fish over the slot, was 24lbs., 40″ long.  The biggest fish is leading the big fish catagory in the Mack Days Derby. We also released 3 slot fish, between 30/36″ in length. I cleaned 4 fish under the slot an we lost 3 fish. It was a day to remember. The weather was perfect and the biggest factor there was no wind.  I always like the best conditions of 2 days before a full moon , or 2 days just after a full moon. If you can have a steady barometer for at least two days and no wind it should be a bonus day. We were fishng in 140/180ft of water. Pulling large flatfish right on the bottom. Caught 5 fish using the eletronic stingfish by Pro-Troll in metallic frog, or blue barra. The other fish also came on a flatfish from Worden’s Lures,  Yakima Bait Com.,original Flatfish. in a red/white or a metallic silver and blue.

The key here is the slow presentation. .5 to 1.5mph and remember keep the lures right on the bottom. These big fish are bottom dwellers, and they are lazy, they will not chase a fast moving lure.Yes, I did use some cut bait. 

See ya on the water

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