changing weather

Very challenging fishing! Some boats are doing  good while the boats right next to them can’t seem to catch a fish. I was out today and maganged to catch 9 fish. It was a good day but struggled to find fish. When the weather starts to stabilize I look for the catch rates to start increasing. Next week should be a good week.

The Spring Mack Days is history,  my big fish held out and took first place in the largest catagory.

The Mack Days was a success for the lake and the fishery. They had over 700 fishermen entered. I am very impressed on how hard the tribal fishery works to put on these derbies. GOOD JOB!

See Ya on the water


Okay, fishing is slower than slow. I don’t care if you were trolling or jigging the fishing is extremely slow. Maybe slow isn’t the word maybe dead is a better word. The weather is the issue, cold to colder. Wind rain snow. If you can remember this happened last year too.  The weather is the biggest variable we have to contend with. When the low pressure comes in, like it has this past week, all bets are off. We have to be patient and wait for the weather to change and stabilize, then the fish will be back on the bite. Remember lake trout do not eat daily, the larger mature fish only eat about every 7 days. A lake trout can wait it out and feed when they want to. Just remember you won’t catch any fish if you stay on the couch.

See ya on the water

Big News

I recently put on a new boat and guide on the Kootani River and Lake Koocanusa. John Roark is his name, he has a jet boat 20′ with a 80hp jet Yamaha. I fishied with him last saturday and we had a great time. We put in at Troy and went up river to the Kootani Falls. We anchored in various holes and back edies. We landed 5 Bull trout and 6 rainbows. The fishing there will get better as the summer goes on. Also John will be chartering on the upper river just below the dam, the season there will open June 1st. John is a professional kokanee fisherman and has really figured out the fish on Lake Koocanusa. So if you want to try a new experience give us a call and we can set you up.


See Ya on the water


The weather has the fishing put down. Still getting 3 to 8 fish per tip, but having to work for them pretty hard. The run off is just started and that historically has moved the fish and put them off their usual bite. There are a lot of fish staged at the delta area but they are not very aggressive yet. The jig fishermen are telling the same story. It has been slow for the past week so I do look forward for it to pick up  soon. Lake Koocanusa has been fishing okay. A friend of mine was up there last weekend and picked up 5 rainbows and 6 bulls. The largest rainbow was 6 lbs and the largest bulltrout was 7 lbs, not a bad day. A reminder this weekend is the last weekend for the Mack Days so get out there and pick up a tagged fish or two.


See Ya on the water

Muddy waters

I have been out every day this week and the fishing has been steady. Yesterday I started south of Angle Point, there were very few fish. After an hour I moved to the east side of the delta. I fished in deep water at 150 to 180′ and picked up 9 fish, one in the slot. It was a good move. There are a lot of fish off the delta in all depths. The smaller fish in the 60 to 120′ depth don’t seem to want to bite. The larger fish out deeper were move active. The runoff is starting and there is some color to the river water coming into the lake.  As the runoff progresses I will fish the area even harder. The fish get more active with the amount of fresh water coming into the lake, and the oxygen level coming up, just starts the whole food chain. Sometimes I fish right in the muddy water and catch fish, so the idea the fish stay out of the colored water is not true. And I am sure they feel the vibration of the lures more than seeing the lures.  I had a friend, Jon Boy, that fished south  near Wildhorse Island and did okay picking up 5 fish. Matt moved around a lot, and found fish off the south end of the Delta. Give it a try


See Ya on the lake


Another day on Flathead Lake produced some nice fish.  The flatfish color of the day was cracked frog. This color is a good old standby, a go to color. We put 15 fish in the boat and the biggest was 40″ at 19lbs. I also did fish up near  the river mouth, tried some jigging with just 4 fish, thene switched over and trolled and put another 4 in the boat. There are a lot of fish stagging at the river mouth waiting for the fresh water and oxygen and bait to come down the river. Remember, Mack Days this friday thru Sunday, get signed up and win some prizes.


See Ya on the water




I did another am charter today. Yes, the bite was much better and again it died off at about 11:00 am?? We did put 7 fish in the boat one slot fish at 37″. It was the most perfect day weather wise.  I am going to start branching out into different areas. I am going to start fishing  up around the Delta area. The fish typically move north as the runoff starts.

See Ya on the water

Steady fishing

I did a afternoon charter yesterday, it was not that successful. The afternoon bite never seems to be as good as the morning bite. I have had a few good PM charters but not many. When we target big fish it seems like after 10 /11 a.m. it is over.

Today we were on the water at 8:00am we caught one 38″ fish, and it went 16lbs. two in the slot and 4 under the slot. We were trolling large flatfish. When the bite stopped, about 11:00 a.m. were moved up to the delta and jigged. We did manage to put 7 more fish in the boat but they all were small, 18 to 24″s, good eaters and good fish to put in the derby. I am booked all this week so I will keep you dated.


See ya out there


I would like to thank all of you that attended our 4th annual lake trout seminar at Snappy Sport Senter. It is rewarding to live a dream. I wondered if people really enjoyed fishing and the beautiful outdoors as much as I do. It was very obvious that many of you do. The interest level was the best we have ever had. Matt and I both commented that is was our best seminar yet. THANK YOU

The new Navionics chip was a huge success, and the flatfish flew out the door with a great price. We need to keep supporting Snappy Sport Senter they do a great job in the community. The sign up for the hands on fishing day was overwhelming,  it will be educational and fun. You guys come out to learn from us, but we learn  from you as well.

See ya on the water



We will be putting on our usual seminar at Snappy’s this saturday morning, at 10:30.  This will be trolling for lake trout. Dick Zimmer will follow with jigging for lake trout. Snappy’s is providing lunch. After lunch we will have a seminar on Lowrance electronics and Navionics. 

Friday afternoon/evening  is open house come meet the pro-staff and the reps from these various companies. Also the rep from Worden’s lures will be on hand, and there will be some great deals on flatfish.

Snappy’s just got in about 300 new flatfish and they are going to be offering a great price friday, saturday, and sunday on these lures. I would suggest if you are interested get them early before all the good colors are gone.

See ya at the seminar