Big fish

The big fish have been very steady. This past week we sent 4 large laketrout to the taxidermist.  Today we caught 4 fish over the slot one in the slot and one under the slot , what a great day.  Tuesday we sent two 18lb 38incher’s  to Steve at Cabin Fever. It has been a very dependable bite. Still fishing deep with flatfish in 120′ to 180′ of water.  If anyone has figured out how to catch those suspended fish at 50ft I sure would like to know???  Fish deep, fish slow.


See ya out there


We did a charter up on Lake Koocanusa for kokanee salmon yesterday and it was red hot. We put 63 salmon in the boat in just 3 1/2 hrs. Nice size fish 10 to 13 inches.  Trolling with a small dodger and a small Dick nite spoon. Also the report from the Marina there were two rainbows caught one 12 pounder and one 13 pounder, go figure.

Go get some salmon

Okay Okay

Today on Flathead I had 4 clients that wanted just big fish. I love it when we can fish for only big fish! We put 3 in the net, and all 3 were 38″ at 16 to 17lbs. I think they were clones. Two of the fish went to Cabin Fever Taxidermy and we released the other one. That was a good day. Again flatfish on the bottom. Also I had a friend out there that was jigging and did very, very well.


Get Out There

Bite is Back

I spent last friday and saturday on the north end of the lake, and did quite well. Saturday we caught one 37″ 17lb, nice fish. Also one in the slot and 4 under the slot. We shared the fish and I had one for the dinner.  I am always surprised how well those lake trout taste. I fished the north end of the delta on the east side in anywhere from 80′ to 170′. In the shallower water I used some spoons in the perch patterns and caught the smaller fish. I moved into the deep water and put on some flatfish, with the E-chip, and caugth two very nice big fish. The run off is in full swing so you have to play the mud line. Don’t be afraid of fishing in  the stained water we have caught many fish in dirty water that I thought would not hold fish. If you think about it where would the fish go? In which direction would a fish know to go to get out of the muddy water. I really don’t think the fish care, there is more oxygen and food related to the runoff so give it a try.  The weather is is stabilizing and the fish are starting to turn on with the stready barometric pressure. Also I hear the perch bite is on down in east bay, you might give that a try.

June 1st opens the river below the Libby dam, and our jet boat is ready to go. There are some very large rainbows and the bulltrout will wear your arms out.  Don’t forget, that is where the state record rainbow came from, with the jet boat we can get right up into the deep holes. We also do very well fishing for them in the dark of the night, that is a treat, if you have never hooked into a 10 to 20lb fish in the dark you might want to give that a try!

See Ya out there


I fished Flathead Lake yesterday and it was very slow. Today was better, 2 fish today one nice fish at 29″‘s. The weather is starting to settle down and the fish seem to be getting more aggressive. I can see fish following my lures and see fish going up to the baits. The mud line is spread out and not very defined.  I am still marking a lot of fish on the fish finder , just waiting for them to bite. Today I caught them on a flatfish in 180ft of water.


See Ya on the lake


We fished the Lake Koocanusa last saturday. We had a greeat day. 13 fish total, 9 rainbows, 4 bulls. The biggest bull was 11lbs, and the biggest rainbow was 5.3 lbs. We were in sixth place sat. but got bumped out on sunday. Go to Lake koocanusa resort web site for all the results.

River Fishing

I want to spread the word. Mo Fisch Charters now has a jet boat fishing the Kootenai River from the Libby dam down to the Idaho border.  Also John is doing charters on Lake Koocanusa for the Kokanee Salmon. The river fishing is for the rainbow trout and bulltrout. You cannot keep any bulltrout on the river but they do get very big and you just happen to catch them along with the rainbows.

See Ya On The Water


Fishing Flathead Lake has been slow at best. The changing conditions have made the catching very slow. We are marking fish, we cannot get them to bite. I guess that is fishing. Keep the hooks in the water and I am sure the bite will turn on.

P.S. Let me know if you have any fishing reports.


Se ya out there


I spent the day on Lake Koocanusa today. It was a good time fishing some different water, and different fish. We put 8 rainbows in the boat, 6lb’r the biggest. Also 7 bulltrout the largest was 11 lbs. It was a great day and one 12 to 15lbr would have really made the day, maybe next time. The surface water temp. was 44.3. In the next few weeks the fishing should get better as the fish get more active. Lyman lures were the plugs of the day along with some Rapalla’s.


See ya on the water