Mack Attack

This weekend is the annual Mack Attack. Still catching fish off the Delta area. The fish have really spread out now. Doing okay of Wood’s Bay Point for some big fish. Also nice fish off Angel Point. Big flatfish in the blue and chrome is working well.  Blue and chrome dodgers with the mother of pearl houchie is a good got to set up. Also spoons are starting to work well. The perch pattern  produced for me today.The fish are still in the thermol at about 50′. Also some down at 80′  that is over anywhere from 90′ to 200′ of water.


See ya on the water

it is time

It is time to get out on Lake Koocanusa for some nice kokanee salmon. John put 75 nice salmon at 10 to 13″ in the boat in a couple hours. Also it is time to get in the jet boat and hit the Kootani River for some big rainbows. The river has dropped and that puts the big fish in the deep holes and they are very hungry.

keep a tight line


The fish are moving around, and not in the same old locations we have been fishing for the last month.  Try moving south off the delta. Go to Angle point and Woods Bay Point. Try south of Wood’s Bay as well as around Painted Rocks. I have heard good reports from the Wild Horse Island area. Get out and try some different locations. I caught one nice slot fish at 34″ this morning south and east of Angle Point. Also 5 nice fish at 26 to 28″ on the west side of the delta in about 80′ of water.  The slot fish was caught on a Pro Troll Stingfish with the EChip in a chrome red tiger pattern in a size 15-5 1/2″long. The smaller fish were caught on a flasher with a mother of pearl squid.

We are still waiting for the Whitefish bite to start.

See ya on the lake

Boat alarms

On my home page you will find a new ad for Boat Intruder Alarms. My partner and I have built,  selling, and installing these alarms. I regret that there is always the potential for someone to get into our boats and helping themselves to our gear. These alarms will give the security and the peace of mind to leave your boat for the night and feel comfortable that everything will be there in the morning.

Check it out, if you have any questions give me a call.

Mid Summer

The mid- summer bite is in full swing. What that means, is, the fish are in a transition mode. They are moving, spreading out throughout the north half of the lake. The fish are feeding on the perch fry and the whitefish fry. This time of year, the food for the fish is very plentiful, and it is hard  to convience them to bite. I am still hearing rumors of whitefish being caught, but not in any consistency. I am finding laketrout off of Wood’s Bay Point, and Angle Point.  Both big fish and younger fish. Woods Bay is one of the first places that the whitefish show up, also Cedar and Shelter Island on the westside.  We usually catch a few lakers while fishing for the whitefish. Today I caught fish on both the east and the west side of the delta area, off the river mouth.  Most fish are in the thermal about 40′ down over 80 to 160′ of water.


See ya on the water

red hot kokanee

My guide up on Lake Koocanusa had 50 fish limits for the past 3 days on Lake Koocanusa. The kokanee range from 8 to 11″, nice fish and there are a lot of them. John has been fishing just up from the dam trolling with dick knight spoons and wedding rings. He says he is finding schools of kokanee a mile long and then just turning around and just keep catching them. The river below he dam is starting to drop and the fishing is staring to pick up. The best fishing below the dam for the big rainbows will be later in July and August.

Give us a call of you want to try this great fishery

Fishing remains to be steady on the norh end of the lake. Fishing mostly around the delta area. The west side to the east side. Most of the fishing has been in 60 to 120ft of weater. The fish are still suspended at 35 to 55′. Some rumors of some whitefish being caugh. Still just a bit early but if it is going to happen it should happen soon?


See ya on the water