Big Rainbows

I am having a lot of calls about rainbow fishing on Lake Koocanusa. I tell people to start fishing for them on Halloween weekend. What we are looking for is the surface water temp. to get down to 52degrees or less, then the rainbows will come to the surface and feed all day long.

I guess it would be good advice to tell you to start getting ready, it could be a cold November and get your Lyman Lures and your flies before all the local stores run out of them, be prepared.


See ya  up north


The lake trout fishing continues to be in a slow period. The month of August and September, in my experience, is the slowest two months of the year to catch lake trout. I am not sure of the reasons. I contribute it to a pre-spawn period. We caught a total of 16 fisah today. All small fish 22 to 26″. Interesting they were all males.  We fished off Angel Point. Caught most fish with spoons, some with a dodger and a white squid. Be patient, and the spawn will kick in and the fishing will pick up. Late October and all of November is prime time for some large lake trout and high catch rates. November my average catch is 15 to 20 fish per 5 hour charter. The fish do congregate off rocky points and shoals.


See Ya on the water

Fall fishing

The fall fishing pattern is taking shape. Large numbers of fish showing up in Woods Bay, Yellow Bay and south of Blue Bay. These fish tend to be in deeper water from 200/250′.  I would down size on lures, spoons, and jigs. Most of these fish are smaller and a smaller lure works best. Typically I will use small spoons such as a 4″ flutter spoon or a smaller crocodile. Also if you troll flatfish go down to a M-2 size in a glow,  pearl white, red/white, on a cloudy or windy day try a cracked frog pattern.  Lots of fish showing up off of Angle Point over 100 to 150′ of water. Most of these fish are suspended in  55 to 60′ down. Try a brown melon spoon for these fish or a 5/diamond spoon.  I have been very successful also trolling  Lyman plugs black/silver, frog , or perch pattern.

See ya on the lake 


Get ready!  Fall Mack Days starts October 2nd and runs for 7 consecutive 3 day weekends.  These tournaments are not only fun and profitable but are a big part of the very successful management of Flathead Lake. Because the whitefish and perch weren’t available this summer the lake trout have received much more pressure.  This along with the tournament harvests make any other method of harvesting lake trout unnecessary  

Lake Trout

The fishing has been very spotty for the lake trout. This is a pre-spawn time and the fish are on the move again. Our daily catch rates have been from 2 / 3 to 12 / 15 a day so the fish are there, it is just hard to find the aggressive biters.  When the fish get on the spawning areas they really bunch up and you can have some great catch days.  They will actually spawn in November.

See Ya on the water