Mo Fisch Muliti- purpose releases

I have designed and built my own style of releases. I needed a release for my Lyman Plugs, and any lure that pulls especially hard, to not release premature.  When I am fishing with planer boards it is very frustrating to have 8 lines out and one release on its own. The release that I have built will not relase premature unless you just don’t take a very deep set in the pad of the release. These releases also work very well on my downriggers, and for stacking multiple lines on a single downrigger. With this release it so simple to stack another line above the bottom line by just adding a 6oz. weight to the release. Also both the downrigger and the stacked line can be set independently.

Snappy Sport Senter is carrying the release go by and check them out. Also I will have them available on my web site very soon.


Some information

Hi Randy,
I would be very willing to share my techniques and experiences with you. Lyman plugs have a very erratic action in the water and I believe it is that action that creates the bite.  In choosing a lure it is shape, size, color, in that order. Also keep in mind none of this is written in stone. Bottom line it is still fishing, and what works today may not work tomorrow, I guess that is what keeps us challenged to to be successful in the fishing world. I use the 4″ Lyman plug 99% of the time. I believe that size duplicates the size of the bait fish that the rainbows are feeding on. I fish Lake Koocanusa, here in N.W. Montana for rainbows, and  bull trout, the fish are feeding on small kokanee salmon. Colors will vary from day to day. Remember shape, size, color. Color is a trial an error. It depends mostly on the amount of sun light, windy or cloudy, early or late in the day. I fish with 8 lines in the water. 3 lines on each planer board and two lines straight back.  I feel this gives me a good cross section of what the fish might want on that given day. On one side I will fish 3 streamer flies. On the other board I will put 3 Lyman plugs and the 2 straight back I will also put 2 lyman plugs. Never mix flies with plugs on the same board. The flies have to have action  put to them by the board set up. The plugs have their own action so you pull the board very smooth. The 2 plugs straight back are my experimental plugs, try different colors more often.  I start the day putting the plugs 300′ behind the boat then attaching them to the boards. The flies I put 200-250′ behind the boat. Keep in mind the closer to the boat you put your set back the more action the plugs, or flies,  will have. I fish all mono line and it has a lot of stretch. The stretch in the line also helps my clients get the fish to the boat. Another rule  of thumb is on dark cloudy, windy days=dark lures. Bright sunny days try bright lures. Colors, you try and match the bait fish. Although one of my best Lyman color is a black over purple plug? I don’t know why the fish hit it so well, but I never argue with the fish. The rougher the water the closer you can run your plugs to the boat. I use 12lb mono, tie on a duo snap then attach it to the plug. I never tie the line directly to the plug as there will be some line wear tying directly to the plug. Colors, I like are black/silver  black/purple. Mostly black back over different belly colors. I have at least 30 to 40 different combonation  colors and I will fish many different colors each day until the fish tell me what they want.
Downrigging is a different story. I usually drop the Lyman plug back at least 40′ remember the deeper, the closer to the ball you can put the plug. On the shallower areas I will put it maybe 100′ behind the ball. That is why when fishing the surface I put them 300′ back. When the boat goes over the fish they move out to the side and there are your planer boards pulling the plugs out to the sides. I fish downriggers anywhere from 30-40′ down to 300′ down. A big difference is that I use braided line on my downrigger rods. No stretch is very important  fishing that deep. I always say it is a test! Do not get locked into one presentation or just one color or even one area of the lake. Stay flexible keep trying different colors and speeds. If it is not working why would you keep doing it. Keep fishing until you figure out the presentation for that day. Some days we never seem to know what the fish want, but that is why it is called fishing. Remember you are trying to stimulate that fish into a natural reaction bite. Kinda like a cat swiping at a ball of yarn. I troll the plugs at 3mph for the rainbows/bull trout, and 1.8 to 2.3 mph for the lake trout. One big advantage the Lyman plugs have over many other lures on the market is that they can be fished at different speeds.
I hope this has helped?   I often tell people there are fishermen, then there are guys that just go fishing!  We never stop learning. I hope this helps. If there is anything else I can help you with please do not hesitate to ask.
Bob Orsua
Mo Fisch Charters

what can I say

The fishing continues to be very good. I am averaging 5/6 fish each day. More rainbows than bull trout. I did break into double digits last Saturday with a 10.2lb rainbow. There will be some more most recent pictures on the home page of the web site so you can see the beautiful color in these fish. Still the Lyman plugs and the streamer flies are working equally well.  I put out 5 Lyman’s and 3 flies and let the fish tell me what they want.  The weather has been a little chilly but that is fishing in November. We have been catching 2 to 4 bull trout each day as well. So if you head up that way be sure and stop in the FWP office here in Kalispell and pick up your catch card. You can keep one bull trout per person a day 2 a year.

remember it is ALL a test!

What can I say

I said it already, get up to Lake Koocanusa if you want to catch trophy rainbows. We fished yesterday and caught 5 rainbows, and today we caught 3 nice rainbows biggest is still 9lbs. and lost 3 more fish and a bonus of two nice bull trout.

Keep the boat going forward


Timing is everything, when it comes to catching big rainbows. Yesterday on Lake Koocanusa a  very nice 9lb’r female rainbow that went to Steve at Cabin Fever Taxidermy.  We also caught 5 more rainbows in the 5 to 7lb range and one smaller bull trout. Being at the right place at the right time  applies to this fishery.

keep a tight line


I fished Lake Koocanusa today. The fishing is just I thought it would be.  Getting  better and the fish are getting bigger. We put 3 rainbows in the net, the biggest at a nice 9lbs. We also netted 2 bull trout, the biggest 6lbs. Toady’s weather  was  perfect. The surface water temp. was right at 52.0 degrees. The fish were caught on Captain Andy Flies, and Lyman Lures. silver/black always a good color.


See ya on the lake