Yesterday we had a great charter. We boated 15 fish. The biggest fish was 19lbs at 39″. We released 3 slot fish,  between 30 and 36 inches we have to release. Today was slower by comparison, we boated 5 fish and lost 3 more. The best advice I can give you is stay with it. It seems to be a better morning bite than the afternoon.  I am still pulling large flatfish on the bottom. Try the north delta area,  in  120 ft to 200 ft. try the center bar  in 80 ft of water.  The fish are spread out. We found a large concentration of fish off Angle Point.

I hear reports of a few whitefish being caught. Try the north delta in about 40 ft of water. Use your fish finder to locate schools of whitefish then try jigging. If they don’t bite keep looking.

Enjoy the summer weather on the lake.


The mid summer bite on Flathead Lake always seems to be a struggle. Catching has slowed down, we are boating 5/6 fish per trip. We are still fishing the north delta area. Also fish are showing up off Angle Point and the mid lake bar. This  time of year the fish spread out over the entire lake. Since they are not concentrated in any particular area your have to put more time in searching them out. The bite is slow, we are seeing fish on the finder but it is difficult to get them to bite. Stick with it, mix up your baits and enjoy the summer. The standard dodger and squids always work well.

See Ya On The Water

Steady fishing

We are still fishing in and around the delta, at the north end.  The fish are still suspended in the 30 to 50ft. range over 80 to 200ft of water. Those suspended fish are fun to fish for and catch. Not having to worry about bouncing the bottom with the downrigger ball. I put out 6 to 8 lines and can vary the presentation. On the downriggers I have been using dodgers with squids. On the dipsy divers I will put spoons, and on the lead core I also use spoons.  On the sideplaners I put out some small dodgers and mini squides. (Remember if you aren’t tangled you’re  not trying). This is a nice mix to find the feeding fish and what they will hit on that day.

See You On The Water!

great fishing

Well, the weather has finally settled down and the fish have turned on! Yesterday and todays charters were the best numbers of the year. 10 to 15 fish to the net is a very good day. All quality fish.We are fishing the delta  just sout and east of the the shallows. The thermal is 45 to 55ft down over the entire area. the fish are stacked in that depth. Very easy to find on the fish finder. Trolling dodgers or flashers with houchies or steamer flies. Mostly chrome flashers or dodger with white or green houchies. Some spoons are also working well in like colors.



Sorry, I have not updated my fishing report lately. I will try and do a better job so I can stop getting hate emails.

The fishing has been very, very good! Lots of big fish, we sent 4 to the taxidermist last week, and we released many slot fish.  The biggest mack came in at 40″  22lbs. The run off has lasted longer than normal and the fish have been stacked up around the delta area. We have been averaging 6 to 10 fish per charter.  We are still pulling flatfish on the bottom for the bigger fish. The morning bite seems to end around 11:00  then I usually switch over and pull flashers and squids, or some spoons. Fishing nearer the shallow delta are for numbers of smaller fish. The fish have been suspended through out the water column. This afternoon we put 4 fish in the boat in less than 2 hours and I was fishing spoons only 35ft down over 200ft. of water, and that was at 3:00P.M.  The weather has been cooperating. Spoons I like the crockadile in perch pattern or rainbow. White glow hutchies are working very well behind dodgers in chrome color.

Gone Fishing