Lake Koocanusa

It is not to early to start thinking about fall fishing Lake Koocanusa for the big rainbows. I usually wait until the 1st of November, but I think with the cooler fall weather I will start fishing in the middle of October. I have several charters on the calender and I am getting anxious to start catching those big rainbows and bull trout.  If you any questions about how and where to fish Lake Koocanusa feel free to give me a call or drop me a email.

See Ya  Up North

Picking up

The last couple of days out on Flathead Lake have been very good. We have been catching 3/4 nice fish averaging 29″s,  9lb’s.  and also catching 4/5 smaller fish averaging 4/5lb’s.  Try trolling off Angel Pt. I have been pulling chrome dodgers with green/white houtchies. I have beeen having more hits by uping my trolling speed, try going 2.5mph. Also some perch pattern spoons have been picking up some fish.

See Ya On The Water


Fall fishing on the north end of Flathead Lake is time searching out fish. When you find large schools of fish, then try trolling dodgers with houchies. I like a chrome dodger in 8″ with a mother of pearl houtchie. I use a 24″ leader between the dodger and squid. I also use a dodger with a spoon tied on a 28″ leader.  The fish are on the move to their spawning areas. Try Wayfarer’s State Park in 100 to 120′ of water. Also Angel Point has lots of fish staging off the point. Inside Hockaday Bay is also a favoriate spot. I am still pulling flatfish early in the morning in 160ft of water along the east shoreline. Off of Angel Point we have been picking up some fish suspended at 55′ over 120′ of water. Today a perch colored spoon worked very well for those suspended fish.

See ya on the water

Report from the Macman

September 1, 2010


The August lull seems to be over with better catches in mid-depth (190 to 220 feet).  As the fish begin to stage for the fall spawn, they’ll be in decreasingly shallow water and become more aggressive.  Best fishing times will be from daylight till noon and then from 3:00 p.m. till dark.

The fish will begin to leave muddy-weedy areas and congregate in rocky areas most often adjacent to deep water.  Common spawning areas are from Boot Legger Island East to Bird Island.  Angel Point South to Painted rocks and in a more limited way from the North Point of Woods Bay south to the East side of Skidoo Bay.

Because there is not a sufficient perch population to keep the lakers in the shallow water after t hey spawn they’ll be scattered in the spawning depth from 20 to 80 feet all the way out to 300 feet where shrimp numbers are high.  Trolling or spinning in shallow water during the morning hour, shifting to deep water jigging during the mid-day and then either staying deep or returning to shallow water again in the evening would be a good approach from mid-October through mid-December. 

Whole fish set-ups in both shallow and deep water and trolling in shallow water continue to be successful for large lake trout. 

Small mouth bass fishing in the Flathead River below Kerr Dam has been great with grass hoppers and night crawlers being a good natural bait.  For artificials, crawdad imitations and Gary Yamamato watermelon Pumpkin 4”stickos  have been good producers.

Perch fishing at Lake Mary Ronan remains constant.  Some limits of kokanee are being caught on a glow hook below an attractor baited with a combination of maggots and corn and/or crawdad tail meat when available.  Gary Thomas from Camp Tuffit also reports bass up to 5 Lbs. being caught on Crank baits.  This September 25th a mackinaw contest is scheduled for McGregor Lake  West of Kalispell.  Entry will be for two-man teams.  Contact Chancey at Snappys Sports Senter for details.  Phone (406)257-7525.  Fish generally become hyperactive during the fall season building body reserves for the winter.  Whatever species you target your chances are better this time of year.  All of you who have lamented the drop off in the summer’s whitefish fishing will have an opportunity in the Flathead River North of the lake.  If you contact Chancey at Snappy’s he can help you out.  He has produced a CD that covers all the aspects of this fall and winter fishery. 

For more information call us at 406-675-0068.  Email us at: Or check our website at  This report WILL  be on that website. 

Good fishing ,

The Macman