Winter rainbows

Well, the weather has kept me of the lake. The winter fishing on Lake  Koocanusa is still very good!  The problem is getting to the lake and lauching your boat. Lake Koocanusa usually doesn’t freeze until January. If you still want to get on the lake try down by the dam. I will start fishing for the rainbows sometime in March , when the weather cooperates.

Its time

Yesterday was a great day on Lake Koocanusa. We boated a 12, 10 and a 8lb. rainbow nice fish. Also we boated 3 bull trout. The day before we netted 15 fish, the largest rainbow was 10 lbs.  The fish have been hitting Rapala’s, Lyman Lures and streamer bucktail flies. The Lyman Plugs have been the best producer so far. Some days they want the flies, so mix up you presentation and see what they want on a given day. Remember when the weather changes try different lures. Sunny days verses cloudy days can mean different lures/colors. The weather has been perfect. The surface water temp. is at 52.0 degrees. Get up there before the weather gets to unpredictable. Check out the most recent pictures for Lake Koocanusa on the home page. I hear some big fish have been caught just off the face of the Dam and Koocanusa Resort.

See ya up north!

Lake Koocanusa

Timing is everything, and now is the time. Lake Koocanusa is fishing great. We are averaging 8 to 10 fish a charter. The biggest rainbow so far in the boat tips the scale at 12.2lbs. We have have put several 8 to 10 pound fish in the boat. Also we are catching 2 or 3 bull trout a trip. Remember you can pick up a bull trout catch card from FWP. The surface water temp. is down to 53 degrees/PERFECT  and only going to get better. As the water temp. goes down the fish come up. This time of year they get very aggressive and fight very hard.

They are hitting bucktail flies and Lyman plugs on the surface as well as sub surface using the downriggers. Remember dark days, dark lures, sunny days bright lures.

Check out some pictures on the home page for most recent catches for Lake Koocanusa. 

See ya up north