December Rainbows

We were out on Lake Koocanusa yesterday, Dec. 21. It was a very nice day, a little cool in the morning about 20 degrees, warmed up to 28 in the afternoon. It was very comfortable next to the heater inside the cabin of the boat. We put 5 fish in the cooler, biggest rainbow was 8lbs. and the biggest bull trout was also at 8lbs. We also released 3 more bull trout, and lost 4 fish. The lure  of choice was a bucktail fly in any dark/over light pattern. We did catch two fish on a silver and black Lyman plug. The road down to the boat ramp at Rexford Bench is fine as long as you have 4 wheel drive.The lake has gone down about 25ft. I plan on getting out on the lake as much as possible all winter until the snow keeps us off the boat ramp.  The surface temperature has gone down to 41.5.  Dress warm and hit the lake,  it beats college football!

Tight Lines!

Kootenay Lake B.C.

Hey everybody,

  Here’s the latest fishing report.  Please pass it on to any of your friends that may be interested.




The Fishing Report

To Dec 5, 2010

Kootenay Lake:

Still going !!!  As I stated in the last fishing report, these are some of our best months of fishing, and I haven’t been proven wrong yet.

November saw lots of big fish being caught again.  These fish have definitely put on the feedbags before the winter cold.  Rainbows up to 24 Lbs and Dollies up to 15 Lbs have been coming in consistently.

Our water temperature has cooled well below the 50 degree mark now.  But, that has only increased the energy of these fish.  We have been not only seeing the big fish hit the lures, but hearing the scream of the reel.  There’s times when all you can do is grab the rod and hold on tight.  These fish will scream line for hundreds of feet before you can gain control.  It’s definitely an exciting time of year.

Some of our best days lately have seen 15 – 20 fish on during the day.  Of those fish, generally half of them are in the double digits.

One of our most recent trips we had 16 fish on in a matter of 6 hours.  At least 7 of these fish were over 10 Lbs.  Now that’s some good fishing.  It seemed like we didn’t even have time to eat lunch, but that’s a good problem to have.

While not all days are like this, there has been a lot of great fishing.

A more average day would consist of 8 fish in 8 hours.  Usually these days see a morning bite when you can hook 4 or 5 fish in an hour, and then a later bite when you can hook 4 or 5 fish again in an hour.  It’s the in between time that tests your patience.  Some days we’ll go 3 or 4 hours in between the bites.  But that’s fishing, and if you can be patient, you will be rewarded.

Speaking of rewards.  Congratulations to one of our lucky clients for catching a tagged fish.  One of our good days of fishing produced a bonus for our customers.  They managed to catch a reward tagged fish that earned them $100.

Keep your eyes open for more of these tagged fish.  It is part of a study that is helping us to understand the survival rate of some of these bigger fish.  It also helps to keep track of how well the stocks are being maintained.

What are the lures of choice ??


Lately we have been catching fish both on the surface and down deep.  Bucktail flies are working great on the surface as usual, and our Lyman  plugs or flasher/hoochie are working well on the downriggers.  Favorite depths have been between 100 – 150 ft.

My favorite bucktails have been:  black/white,  grey/white, and the November special.

My favorite flasher/hoochie’s have been:  green, army truck, and tiger prawn.

And my favorite Lyman plugs have been the # 100, 135, 24

Looking forward to more 20 + pound Rainbows this winter.  It’s an exciting time of year.  So, let’s get out there.

Tight lines………………………………………

Kerry Reed

Reel Adventures Fishing Charters

Nelson B.C