March 14, 2011

Flathead Lake is fishing real well right now.  March, April , May are the months to target the larger Lake Trout. Last Friday we put 8 fish in the boat the largest was 15lbs. On Saturday the wind had stopped and we put 16 fish in the boat, the largest was 17lbs. and released 2 slot fish, 30 to 36”s we have to release.  

We are fishing deep, 160’ to 200’ right on the bottom with large flatfish.  The Mag Lip from Worden’s paid off big for us last week, as did the T-60 Flatfish.  We are targeting the large flats of the west shore line from Angel Point to Wild Horse Island. Remember to troll slow 1 -1.3mph.

It was steady bite with a fish hitting about every 15 min.

I heard good reports from guys fishing the Delta area on the north end by the river mouth.

Lake Koocanusa is still frozen. If the weather continues to warm up we should be up there fishing next week.

Lake Koocanusa:

 Lake Koocanusa is located between Libby, Mt. and the Canadian border. We usually fish out of Rexford Bench, which is on the north end of the lake out of Eureka, Mt.

Fishing this past fall was excellent. I always look forward to the month of November for those big rainbows to come up to the surface and become very aggressive.


Late fall, early winter is primarily a surface fishery. We fish with side planer boards. Using the side boards allows us to get three lines out each side, two lines straight back and two lines down on the downriggers, a total of ten lines covering a 300’ path down the lake.  These fish are feeding on kokanee salmon, which are near the surface. The surface temperature of the lake needs to get down to the 53 degree range, or lower, for these rainbows come up to the surface and feed. The rainbows average 8 to 12lbs. When these fish hit it is very obvious, much like a Coho salmon, the fight is on! The biggest rainbow we put in the boat this year was 15lbs.


The first lure of choice is Lyman Lures.   These lures have a great swimming action very fast and very erratic. There are many colors to choose from, but remember the food source is kokanee salmon very silvery. Pay attention to the weather, cloud cover and the wind. The smoothness of the surface will determine how much sunlight penetrates the water which will change the color of the food; therefore you need to change the color of your lure to match the bait. These rainbows can be very picky, so don’t be afraid to try different colors and speed presentations. Vary your speed; I usually stay around that 3 mph mark.

Streamer flies, or bucktail flies are also an excellent choice. Capt. Andy or Frisky Jenny Flies work very well. Again, color is important try different colors until you find what the fish want that day. Pay attention to the conditions.

 See ya on the water

March Fishing Report

Well here it is March, 2011. Last year at this time we had several trips out on Flathead Lake and did great.

March, April and May typically are great months to fish Flathead Lake. Some of my biggest fish have been caught in these spring months.

The lake trout are very aggressive this time of year.

I will target the big fish this time of year. When I target the larger lake trout I use flatfish or plugs on the bottom.

What to use:  One of my favorite lures is the Electronic Stingfish from Pro-Troll, size 15- 5-1/2 long. Typical colors, red, silver, greens. The reason this lure works so well is that it has a EChip electronic attraction attached to the front of the lure. This echip replicates the voltage discharged by the nervous system of live bait.

Also I like to use the MAG LIP from Worden’s. This a deep diving flatfish design. This lure also has a very loud rattle in the body. With the mag lip it has a very fast and erratic swimming action.

Remember to fish these type of flatfish very slow, 1 mph and right on the bottom, any where from 120ft to 200feet of water.  Be flexible; try different lures in different conditions.

Also I like to use the flasher squid or spoon combination from Silver Horde. Silver Horde also has a new spoon micro squid combo.

Up coming events:

Great Rockies Sport Show in Kalispell March 11, 12, 13th.

5th annual “Trolling for Lake Trout Seminar” at Snappy Sport Senter April 2nd.

2011 Spring Mack Days:

See ya on the water

Bob Orsua

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