Lake Koocanusa

I went up and fished Lake Koocanusa
yesterday. We did put 6 fish in the boat, two nice bull trout at 10lbs. each
and 4 smaller rainbows.

I tried to launch at Rexford Bench but decided better of it
and went to Peck Gulch. The problem I with Rexford Bench is that the lake is so
low that there is 2ft. of mud on the ramp and you might get stuck! The lake is
down 105’.  It rained off and on all day
on us and it was very windy all day. The water is getting stained from all the
rain and runoff.

Lyman lures were the lure of choice, #21 and #87 were the
colors of the day.


See ya on the water

Flathead Lake

SPRING! As I write this, I feel that we might actually have a chance after all! Sunny and 60’s today will serve to put just a bit of spark into area waters.

Anglers in the Flathead again this week fought changing weather conditions, but the conditions favored fishermen more this week than in weeks recently past. A bit of a mud line is developing off the delta on Flathead Lake, and that is helping to concentrate fish a little shallower, although the deep water bite continues as well. Jigging with Zimmer glow grub/fly combo’s is a good bet, and trollers have been not only downsizing baits, but the attraction as well. Where bait is present, blending in rather than standing out seems to be the ticket…

Shore anglers continue to catch lake trout, especially on the south part of the lake. Rivers and streams are going to be very questionable in the next few weeks as the general opener approaches.

A good time to remember the overall rule of thumb when selecting lures… that bright days mean bright baits, and dull days mean dull baits. When fishing murky/stained water the fish may need something a little brighter, so don’t be afraid to change things out. Runoff can really test a persons patience, but stick with it and you can be successful in catching fish where others fail!

Lake Koocanusa is fishing very good right now, the water temp. is starting to come up at 43.0 degrees. The ramp at Rexford Bench is cleaned off and ready to go.

Flathead Lake

Anglers in the Flathead faced tough, tough fishing conditions over the past 5-7 days. Cold fronts moving through almost daily shut the bite down for hours and hours at a time. You just had to be on the water, ready to capitalize on the feeding whims of the fish.

Lake trout in Flathead Lake are feeding primarily on whitefish, and they seem to be starting to stage in deeper, 140-200 FOW. Fishing south of the Delta, north center bar area, find the bait, tune your presentation and you can catch fish. The green/glow 8″ Pro Chip flasher trailing an Ace-Hi fly as well as a green spatter spoon put fish in the boat for me Saturday, when most around me struggled. Get on fish and change stuff out until you find a combo that works.

Other lakes are starting to open up and good fishing from shore can (or will soon be) found on many area lakes. Echo, Swan, all of the Thompson Chain, these all represent some of the finest ice off fishing in the valley.

See ya on the water

Rexford Boat Ramp

4/5/11  I just received a phone call from the Forest Service in Eureka, the boat ramp at Rexford Bench is all cleaned off and ready for use.  They told me that this is the lowest the lake has been in the last seven years. 

Be Safe, See ya on the water

Fishing the Flathead

April 4th, 2011

The last week of March saw some great fishing, both on Flathead Lake and Lake Koocanusa , as well as some last ice fishing opportunities.

Lyman Plugs;

I fished Lake Koocanusa last Tuesday and Wednesday. The ice had just come off of the Rexford area on Monday. We caught 2 bull trout on Tuesday, 1 bull and 1 rainbow on Wednesday.  All the fish were caught on Lyman Plugs.

The boat ramp at Rexford Bench is not usable yet, to much mud on the ramp and the parking area. We did use the launch at Peck Gulch, no problem.

The lake is down about 90ft. so be careful there are some rocks exposed that we don’t normally see. The surface temperature was 36 degrees. We did see a lot of fish on the fish finder, just not that interested. I look for the fishing to pick up in the next week or two as the water starts to warm up.

Worden’s Lures;

On Flathead Lake, trolling with Worden’s Mag Lip, as well as Luminous Glow T-60

Flatfish on the bottom in 180-200 FOW found co-operative lake trout in the 6-16 pound range.

Yesterday we were out and put 8 fish in the boat, one 37” at 16lb’s. We also caught a laker with a clipped adipose fin. That fish was turned in to the Derby folks at Blue Bay and was worth $100.00, congratulations to Gay Obrey.

Matt did a charter down by the islands and put 7 fish in the boat including 2 slot fish and says they lost the derby winner!

I fished on the north end just south of the delta and marked a lot of fish at 140’. We caught our biggest fish on an Electronic Stingfish from Pro-Troll #385 chrome and blue.

We caught 5 fish on the F-2 flasher from Silver Horde with a #35 Octopus/Squid (4 1/4”)

#8180 double glow.

The fish seem to be spread out on the east side of the center bar from 80’ to 190’ of water. There were several boats jigging in the same area and all doing very well. The weather was a factor again, so keep an eye on the wind.

Folks jigging for numbers of smaller lake trout, as part of the Spring Mack days contest were finding them in 180-260 FOW.  Zimmer Tackle Glow-Grub with Fly set-ups seem to be the lure of choice, but white tubes and smaller, heavy spoons are also working. 

Mackinaw are eating whitefish now, so baits that match the color/profile of a lake superior whitefish are key, 4 to 5 inches in length.

A $1000 tagged fish was turned into the Mack Days Contest last week, and several $100 tagged fish have been turned in by recent Mo Fisch customers.

Local lakes that were still iced over with mostly safe ice were turning out big catches of nice “eater” size perch, but those conditions are rapidly turning dangerous.  If you want to go ice fishing, its time to start thinking about next year!

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Thanks to all that attended our seminar at Snappy Sport Senter

Outfitter: Bob Orsua

Guide: Mike Howe

Mo Fisch Charters,