Flathead Lake

Fishing this past week on Flathead Lake
has been a bit confusing; again, the weather has been up and down, especially
the barometer. We have been catching 4 to 8 fish per half day charters. We did
catch 3 nice slot fish, 34” using the Mag lip from Yakima Bait. The runoff is
in full force now adding more mud and debris to the north end of the lake. I am
seeing more fish suspended in the 40 to 60ft. area over 200ft of water. You can
try stacking a spoon in that 60ft. area to catch those suspended fish. Try the
KF5H spoon from Silver Horde in a #606 double glow or a # 607 also in a double

Be safe, see ya on the water.





Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake has finally turned
the corner. We fished last weekend and put 6 fish in the boat on Saturday and
11 fish on Sunday.The weather has stabilized for a few days and the fish
became more aggressive.

I was trolling a Silver Horde, Gold Star, and F2 Piscator
Chrome/Silver Spectra, with a #35 Octopus (41/4”) in a mother of pearl tied 22”
behind the flasher.

After we put 11 fish in the cooler we moved over into 200’
of water and picked up 2 nice 29” fish bouncing the bottom with an Electronic
StingFish in a Chrome Chart Tiger #384 from Pro-Troll.

The runoff is starting, there is more of a mud line
everyday. Be careful, and watch for debris on the lake. The fishermen that are
jigging on the south end of the delta are doing very well. They are fishing in
140’ to 200ft of water.

See ya on the water



Flathead Lake

May 12,  2011


There are  still two weekends remaining to the Mack Days Tournament.

Recent warm  weather will make two significant changes in fishing tactics.

1. The surface temperature of (39.6) at  which water is the densest has been reached which means the lake is about to “turn over”.  This term refers to  the phenomenon of the surface water cascading to the bottom of the lake.  This has a dual effect: first, all the  thermal layer in between are disturbed and second, the water that crashes to the  bottom is super aerated.  Because  there are no defined thermal layers and so much oxygen is available deep much of  the bio-aquatic activity moves deep.  The fish consequently may be 20 to 50 feet deeper than they were  pre-turnover.

2. The second change will be at the river  mouth where increased run off will begin to muddy up the North end.  The nutrients brought down the river  encourage fish to migrate to this greater food source.  Because of diminished visibility, bright  lures, especially with red or orange highlights often catch more fish.

East Bay at the south end of the lake has been a perch  bonanza.  By holding the lake level  down to accommodate expected record run off, East Bay’s water is remaining warm  so the larger numbers of big perch are staying active.