Flathead Lake

The fishing for large lake trout has been very good. The early morning bite has been the best time to target the larger fish. 

Where; Fish deep, anywhere from 160’ to 220’. Fish the breaks where the depth has a sharp transition. Try the east side of the center bar south of Woods Bay to yellow Bay.

 What to use; The Original Flatfish from Worden’s Lures is a good old “go to bait”. Size, T-50 and T-55 T-60 are good sizes. Colors, try the white belly red top, luminous, and the rainbow pattern all work well, also the metallic silver blue scale. Remember fish these flatfish very slow 1 to 1.3 mph.

 For the more numerous average size lake trout try the F-2 flasher from Silver Horde with a 23” leader to a #35 octopus squid (41/4”). Colors, try the #8179 green/white double glow spatter back, #8152, green/brown red combo, and #8161 white mother of pear.

Also the #0 dodger (21/2”x8”) in hammered chrome #013 or a hammered green/chrome ultra violet spatter back #792., green/brown red combo.Troll the dodger or flashers at 1.8 to 2.3 mph.

Also spoons the KF5H and top cat from silver Horde. Stay with the basic greens silver and reds.

 Good Luck See You on the water

Captain, Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters


Flathead Lake/Bitterroot Lake


 Fishing on Flathead has been getting better and a few larger fish are being caught. The runoff is in full strength! We have been catching good numbers of 3 to 5 lb. fish on the center bar in 160ft. of water. Trolling just off the bottom with F-2 flashers from Silver Horde, then with a 23 in. leader, with a #35 Octopus (4 1/4”) in an 8008 double glow. We slowed down our troll to 1 mph using a Mag Lip flatfish from Worden’s in a Pearl Pink color. These flatfish work very well in stained, deep water. They have a very fast action and loud rattles,  I am sure help during the runoff. We did pick up a nice 38” lake trout, weighing in at 16 lbs. Remember the runoff is in full force so keep your eyes open for floating debris, and stay just on the edge of the mud line.

Also I made two trips up to Bitterroot Lake. The first day we had three nice big rainbows on but were unable get them to the boat. The second day was very bight and sunny, very calm and we never had a strike. “That’s kam fishing.

Be safe, see ya on the water

Captain, Bob Orsua