Flathead Lake


Hot, Hot, Hot!

If you were thinking of fishing Flathead Lake NOW is the time. The runoff has cleared and the fish have become very active.

Try fishing the delta, center bar, Angle Point for good numbers and the deeper spots for the larger lake trout.

All the usual tackle is working right now. Find the fish on your fish finder and they will bite. This is the time of year that catching is as good as the fishing.

See Ya on the water

Captain; Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters

Flathead Lake


Fishing for Lake Trout on Flathead Lake has been very good and consistent the past several weeks.


Fishing the eastside of the center bar south of the delta has produced large catches of good eating Lakers, fish 160 to 200’.

What to use;

Fish the bottom with Electronic ProChip Flashers from Pro-Troll 8 series. Use the # 105 Glow Green and the # 102 glow white. Tie on a 23” leader with a #35 Octopus/Squid (41/2”)  in either a glow white # 816 or a glow green # 0163. Troll these flasher at 1.8 to 2.0 mph. Fish these flashers as close to the bottom as possible, within 10 ft. of the bottom.

As the runoff starts to end the fishing will get better further north along the delta area east of the river mouth. Watch your fish finder as you will see suspended fish in the 60’ range over 100 to 200’ feet. Move your presentation up and target those fish you see on the finder.

Our recent charters have been yielding average catches of 8 to 12 fish per 5 hr. charter. These fish are good eating size averaging 4 o 6 lbs.

If you want to target trophy size Lakers fish DEEP and SLOW.

Try using Flatfish from Pro-Troll, the Electronic Stingfish in Size 15-51/2” long. These flatfish have the E/Chip built in the lure. The EChip crystal mounted in the lure emits a nerve discharge that duplicates live bait. Try #386 Chrome Green Chart. And # 392 Green Strip. Remember slow trolling speed is the key! Stay close to bottom, and check you flatfish often as they do get fouled with debris.

See Ya on the water, be safe

Captain; Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters