Catching Report

                           Fishing report (catching report)

This has to be the best fishing report of the year!

Lake Koocanusa:

Last Monday I did a charter on Lake Koocanusa, we put 12 rainbows in the boat and the largest was a beautiful 17.4lb. male, and a 12.5lb. Rainbow, both went to Cabin Fever Taxidermy. Wow that was a day! I am looking forward to what the rest of the season has to offer. The future on Lake Koocanusa looks very promising. Most of the fish were caught on Lyman Plugs. We also caught several fish on Rapalas. Flies were not very productive that day. Just to keep things in perspective I did another charter on Tuesday and we boated 6 fish and the biggest was 6lbs. The bar is set very high!

Flathead River:

The Whitefish are in! Just two of us in the boat yesterday and we boated 23 very nice whitefish. It is obvious that the fish have moved into the river and the numbers are only going to increase. Bring a large cooler and remember if you keep fish you clean them.

Flathead Lake:

Okay, Matt did an all day charter yesterday on Flathead Lake with 4 clients and they boated 32 lake trout, WOW!

As the old saying goes, you shoulda been here yesterday!

Time to go fishing!

The pictures of these two trophy fish will be up on the most recent catches for Lakee Koocanusa in a couple days.

Lake Koocanusa

It is time to start fishing for the big rainbows in Lake Koocanusa. We fished yesterday; the largest was a beautiful 12.3 lb. male Kamloop. A 6.0 and  a 6.5lb. Rainbow were put in the boat along with a couple smaller fish. We also lost two very large fish. These fish hit very hard and get airborne and throw the hook! The surface water temperature is 57.0 degrees, seems a little warm but the fish are very aggressive.

Lyman Lures in #98, 68, and 77 all caught fish.

Also bucktail flies from Captain Andy worked very well. Stick with dark colors and don’t hesitate to try a variety of colors. Also Frisky Jenny has a good selection of flies.

Rapalas in sliver and black or blue back with an orange belly, worked better when the sun came out.

Remember to always check your drag!

Lakers, Rainbows, Whitefish


Lake trout fishing on Flathead Lake is very good right now! We are catching good size Lakers off Angel Point, also between Cedar Island and Shelter Island. Try trolling spoons in perch pattern, flashers with white streamer flies.  Concentrate on 80 to 100ft. of water.                              

 Lake Koocanusa is also kicking out some nice rainbows. I fished yesterday, put five nice rainbows in the boat two of them at 6lbs., and lost one in the 10lb. range. Try Lyman lures and streamer flies, also Rapalas in silver and chrome color. This is an early start for this lake; it will only get better as the surface water temperature gets down to 53 degrees or colder. I heard of some 11/12 lb. fish taken over the past weekend.

 The Whitefish  are starting to run up the Flathead River,  this fishery should get strong in the next week or two, and continue through December.  N ice size whitefish in the 2-3lb. range.

Remember fall fishing can be some of the best fishing of the year.

Fishing N.W. Montana


Fishing Flathead Lake has been very productive lately. Both jigging and trolling are producing good numbers of 2-6lb. Lakers. Try jigging in deep water 160 to 200ft. of water. Jigging off Yellow Bay and Blue Bay are producing fish early morning and late afternoon.

Trolling close to shore in 60 to 80ft. of water is yielding catches of 10 to 20 fish. Try around the Islands off Finley Point and the north end off Angel Pt.

Try trolling spoons such as crocodile and large spoons in perch pattern and hammered brass with red stripe.  Also try dodgers from Silver Horde in chrome or hammered chrome with ultra violet size #0 (2 1/2×8”) with a #35 Octopus/Squid (4 1/4”) in #8077, that is white with red spots.

Also mix it up with Pro-Troll Electronic Prochip 8 series in #106 Glow Chart. Try a Holographic Kokanee Killer in #422H, which is a Holo Pink 23” behind the flasher.

 WHITEFISH are starting to enter the river and limits (100) of these great eating/fighting fish should be in the next couple of weeks, and last through December.

Lake Koocanusa is starting to yield some rainbows in the 2 to 6lb. range. The larger 8 to 20 lbs. should show up in a few weeks. This fishery will only get better as the surface water temperature gets down to that magic 53degrees or less. All indications point to a very productive season. Be prepared and load up on your streamer flies, and the always go to Lyman Lure. Check out the new colors from Lyman, I think there are some great new colors that I am looking forward to trying this fall/winter.

Don’t forget to put new line on your reels for these hard fighting Kamloop Rainbows!

See Ya on the water