Winter Rainbows

I did a trip last Friday on Lake Koocanusa, and wow, the winter weather made it a challenge, 10 to 15 mph winds and snowing.  The temperature when we started was 15 degrees and 19 degrees when we ended the day. I really appreciate my heater on days like that.  Anyway, that’s winter fishing, we put 4 rainbows in the boat and 3 bull trout. The biggest rainbow weighed in at 9.5 lbs. and a 10 lb. bull trout, (nice fish).

Lymans were working very well,  #100, 32, 16, and 135.  Also the bucktail flies in the silver/white, red/white, purple/white, and grey/white.

I talked with the Forest Service in Eureka,  they said they would get the road down to the ramp plowed on Monday and reset the boat dock. If you ever get a chance, a word of thanks to those folks would go a long way.

The weather forecast calls for a warming trend. I think this next week is going to be very productive.

Check out the new pictures I added to the most recent catches on Lake Koocanusa.

 If you get a chance check out  Kootenay Lake,  B.C. big rainbows!

See Ya on the water, dress warm!

Capt. Bob, Mo Fisch Charters




Rainbows, Whitefish

 I just returned from five days of rainbow fishing on Lake Koocanusa.

Last Wednesday was okay with two rainbows and two bull trout.

Thursday was much the same we got a nice rainbow at 10lbs. And we lost a real big fish that ran at the boat and threw the hook 6 ft. from the back of the boat.

Friday we also put four fish in the boat, two rainbows, biggest 6lbs. and two small bull trout.

Saturday was a better day, catching 1 bull trout and 5 rainbows. All the rainbows were between 6 and 8 lbs. very nice fish!

Sunday was the bonus day. Four very nice rainbows and no bull trout. The biggest rainbow came in at 14.5 lbs.  10.3lbs.  9.8lbs. and one at an even 9.0 lbs.

Then came Monday, with a front moving through and winds up to 30 mph, it was tough fishing and the catching reflected the weather change. Only one rainbow at 6 lbs.

Most of the fish were caught on various colors of Lyman’s. A few fish caught on bucktail flies and some on Rapalas.

 It just goes to show,  this is the type of fishery that persistence pays off. The plan for the day is keep the boat going forward. Vary your trolling speed from 2.8 mph to3.5 mph. Mix it up, try different color lures and put in your time. It is very difficult to pattern these fish. The surface water temperature is down to 50.2 degrees and getting colder. The fish are out there, just put in your time and it will pay off!

 The whitefish in theFlathead River remains to be consistent. Dress warm and hit the river early in the morning. Lots of fish being caught at the bridges in Kalispell. If you have a boat anchor just above the slack water and cast at a 45 degree to the down current let your jig drift downstream and jig it back slowly. If you feel the slightest resistance set the hook.

See ya on the water

Whitefish, Lake Trout, Rainbows

Whitefish fishing remains very good and only getting better. Jigging on the Flathead River is producing nice catches of 10 to 25 fish a day. Using the jet boat to get to the various holes and back water that the whitefish are holding in. The average whitefish is weighing 2 to 3 lbs. If you have never eaten the Lake Superior Whitefish you are missing out on one of the best tasting fish.

Rainbow fishing on Lake Koocanusa is very good! Average days are yielding 8 to 12  fish. Most of the rainbows are averaging 6lbs. Of course one of the big 12 to 20 lb. fish is a real bonus. Try trolling streamer flies in dark colors, and Lymans also in darker patterns. Keep your lures anywhere from 75 to 300 ft. behind the boat. The rougher the chop the closer you can run your lures to the boat. On calm days run your lures farther back. I prefer using 12lb. test monofilament for these hard fighting fish. The monofilament has about a 30% stretch, that helps from getting to aggressive on these fish. Trolling speed around 3 mph.

 Lake troutfishing  is also very good on Flathead Lake. Trolling Echip flashers with white flies is working well right now. Stay in about 90 ft. of water and these fish are suspended at 50 to 60Ft. Our last few charters are averaging 12 to 20 fish per ½ day.

 See Ya on the water