The Flathead River is winding down for the Whitefish. There are not as many whitefish in the river, they
are done with the spawn and are heading back to the lake.

Flathead Lake is still fishing very well. Try trolling near any rock structure. Trolling in 100 ft. of water,
set the downriggers at 45 to 65 ft. down, the fish are suspended.Try the dodgers and houchies and some large spoons. Try off Angle Point, Cedar Island and the north end of Wildhorse Island.


Lake Koocanusa is fishing great right now. The lake is going down about a foot a day so you will not
have a dock to work with. You can still launch okay you just need to pickup the
volunteer that parked the truck along the shore, no problem. Last week I was out and we caught a real nice 10 lb. rainbow, one small rainbow and 8 nice bull trout. Lymans were working better than the flies that day. Dark fall colors were definitely better than bright colors.

Take advantage of this nice winter weather, but be careful, it is still very cold water.


See ya on the water

Capt. Bob

Winter Fishing

Winter fishing


Lake Koocanusa is fishing very well right now. The snow has melted away from the boat ramp and no ice on the
lake. The last charter we did yielded 6 rainbows and 3 bull trout.

The largest rainbow at 10lbs. and the biggest bull trout at
8 lbs.

Rainbows are hitting the streamer flies in dark colors. The
purple/grey/ white combo is always a good choice. A couple rainbows were caught
on the orange color streamer.

Lymans, purple / silver, purple / black, and the silver /

Try varying your speed this time of year as the water gets
colder, mix up your speed from 2.5 to 3.5 mph. Try some “S” turns don’t get
stuck in just going in  a straight line.

If you catch a fish, mark it on your GPS and try going back
through that area several times.

The Flathead River is still
yielding good catch rates of Lake Superior Whitefish.

Dress warm and bring a large cooler.

Lake is also fishing very
well. We launch at Westshore
State Park and fish south
down by the islands.

Trolling a dodger rigged with #35 Octopus (41/2”) are
working great. #9012, #8008 works very well. That is either some whites or some
greens or a combination of.

Also try some large spoons in the perch patterns.


Stay Warm

See on the water

Captain, Bob

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