Winter Fishing


Lake Koocanusa has been fishing very well all
winter long. The weather  has been very mild allowing us to get out and enjoy
some winter fishing.

Last Saturday we caught 3 nice rainbows ranging from 6 to 9
lbs. really nice fish! Lyman plugs and streamer flies were working best. It
seemed that lighter colors in the whites and pinks, light browns were the colors
of the day. The lake has not gone down much in the last couple of weeks. The
boat ramp is free of ice and snow, no problem!  A big thanks goes out to the Forest Service
for plowing the road and the parking area at  Rexford Bench.

A bonus for the day we also caught 4 very nice bull trout.
The largest bull trout tipped the scales at 9lbs. It’s always a bonus to catch
these fish! A friend of mine, Bryan, told me he caught a 20lb. bull trout last
week. There are some big fish in that lake, and a lot of them.


Flathead Lake has also been
fishing good. Last week we did two charters and picked up some nice eating size
lake trout. The fish didn’t seem to be very interested in what we were offering
them. This is the first year I have ever been able to get out on the big lake
in January, so I am not too familiar with the fishery that time of year. We
usually start fishing in March and do very well on the larger lake trout that
time of year.


Keep Warm

Capt. Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters

Winter Fishing


Lake Koocanusa is the place to be. We were out last Friday and put 13 fish in the boat. 7 rainbows, the
biggest a nice 10 lb. female. Also 6 bull trout, the biggest a very colorful 81/2
lb. male.

Lymans were what the fish wanted that day. The colors were
more on the green side. #23, 21, 116 were working the best that day. Also a
couple fish did hit the streamer flies, also in some combination of green and
blacks, green/white.

The lake is going down about one foot a day. The ramp at
Rexford is fine. There is no boat dock to use this time of year, but launching
is not a problem.

The weather is really co-operating this year so let’s take
advantage of this opportunity.

We also got out on Flathead Lake New Years Eve day. Fishing
was very slow only caught a couple fish but marked a lot of fish on the bottom
at 180ft. of water off Painted Rock. We did not have a lot of time to fish that
area since the wind was blowing too hard out of the south to fish that area in
the morning.

Also went ice fishing on Lower Stillwater, caught about 30 perch and brought home 16 keepers.
About 8” of ice and the sun warmed things up very nicely.

Tight lines

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch Charters