Spring Runoff

Flathead Lake:

The runoff on Flathead Lake is in full swing. The lake is very muddy about ½ way down the lake. We fished just outside the mud line last sat. and sun. and did very well. Try trolling in 160 – 200’ of water on the east side of the center bar, just about due east from West Shore State Park, or Angle Point.

Try trolling the Pro-Chip 8 series flasher from Pro-Troll in the #106 Glow Chart. Tie on a #8161 Mother of Pearl Houchie from Gold Star.  Also, Ace Hi Fly #142 or #860.Remember keep your speed down to 1.2-1.8 mph.

Lake Koocanusa:The runoff has also taken over this lake. The water temperature has gone up to the 50-52 degree range in the muddy water, still in the 48 degrees just outside the mud line. You can move south on the lake to try and get out of the darkest waters. This year with the recent rains and warmer temperatures I think we are just going to have to wait for the runoff to finish.


Tight lines

Capt. Bob


Spring time fishing



Flathead Lake:

The weather has settled down and the fishing has picked up. Catching fare numbers of good eating size lake trout on the big lake is the place to be.

Try trolling the north end of the center bar between the delta and the center bar. Troll the 180 to 200’ drop off the east side of the center bar.

Troll flashers from Pro-Troll in the 8 series. #106 Glow Chartreuse or # 725 double glow. Tie on a #35 Octopus/Squid (41/4”) #8955 double glow from Silver Horde, or a Brad’s Super Bait filled with your favorite scent or cut bait and you will catch these Lakers.

Remember to keep these baits within 10’ of the bottom.

Try jigging in 180-230’ of water with the standard jig setup from Zimmer tackle.

Lake Koocanusa:

The rainbow fishing onLakeKoocanusais starting to turn on. 10-15 fish days are common. The surface water temperature is getting up to48 degrees and the fish are starting to get active.

Trolling Kokanee colored Rapalas is the lure of choice. Also Lyman lures and some flies all in spring colors. Try keeping your speed in the 2.5 to 2.8 range. The rainbows are averaging 3-5 lbs. with an occasional 8 lb. fish. Expect to catch 3 to 4 bull trout on an average day. Remember catch and release on all bull trout.

The rainbow fishing will only get better as the water continues to warm.

Tight lines


Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters

Weather vs. Fishing




Flathead Lake:


Lake trout fishing has been a little slow. The weather has been different every day. The dropping barometer hasn’t helped, the wind has been unpredictable and the temperature has been up and down.

As soon as the weather stabilizes the fishing will get better.

The runoff is putting the muddy water and high oxygen levels, and minnows in the lake. Try fishing the delta at the north end. Start along the mud line and watch your fish finder for suspended fish. Trolling with the typical flasher/dodger combinations with houchies or ace hi fly.

Also try some spoons. Brass spoons with the red stripe are always a good starting point. Stacking your downriggers with the bottom rig close to the bottom and a spoon for the suspended fish.




Lake Koocanusa:



We fished LakeKoocanusa last Sunday and only boated one small rainbow and two small bull trout. Again, the weather was a problem. Saturday night the barometer dropped like a rock, the temperature fell to the low 30’s and it dropped an inch of slushy snow. The lake is down 70’ the boat ramps are fine. The lake is starting to get muddy from the runoff, but the middle of the lake is still clear. The surface water temperature is 41.9 and rising. The fishing will get better as the surface temperature gets up near the 50 degree range.

The Kokanee fishing is very good right now. All the guys I talked to were limiting out. The fish are in the 8-12 in. range.


See ya on the water

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch Charters

Kootenay Lake B.C.

Hey everybody, here’s  the latest report.  Pass it on………


Reel Adventures  Fishing Report

Kootenay  Lake

April 10,  2012


Well it  looks like Spring is here.  Or is it??  The weather seams to change by  the hour.  And that still means the fish are still confused.  Some  days they are feeding heavily and other days they don’t want to  move.

March saw some good fishing days, with 5 – 10 fish coming in to our  boat.  But is also saw some days with only 1 or 2 fish biting the hook.   All par for the course as our water temperature is still hanging around  the 40 degree mark. The fish are still a bit lazy. Once things start to warm up,  so will the fishing.

Our latest Dolly Derby was held over the Easter  weekend and saw some nice Dollies being caught.  Again, not red hot  fishing, but the fish that were being caught were quality fish.  The top  three Dollies from the weekend were:  15-1/2 Lbs, 13 Lbs, and 12-1/2 Lbs.   Very nice fish.

Our boat did alright on the weekend also.   Landing a few Dollies up to 12 Lbs and a beautiful Rainbow that has a  story to go with it.

I decided to take a day off from the big boat and we  loaded our 12ft aluminum boat into the water at the north end of the lake.   Since we were planning on fishing for smaller trout and maybe the odd  Dolly, I only brought my 6ft spinning rods with me.  But, I did bring a few  of my big fish lures just to experiment with.

So, we headed out for a  couple hours of fishing.  We let out one spinning rod with a crocodile  spoon for the small trout and the other spinning rod had a Bill Norman on it in  hopes of hooking into a Dolly.

Only about a half hour went by and my  spinning rod started to bend.  Slowly at first, then starting to pull line.   I handed the rod over to 13yr old Nicole to fight the fish.  We  thought it might be a bigger Dolly at first.  But after about 15 minutes of  fighting this fish, we finally got a glimpse of it.  With a big hooked jaw  and a bright red stripe, we now knew this was a big  Rainbow. 

The cold  water seems to take a bit of the fight out of the fish.
But once this  fish saw the boat, off it goes screaming a couple hundred feet of line.   Wow, I hope the rod can handle it.  Good thing for brand new line,  even if it was only 8 Lb test.  Nicole fights the fish for another 10  minutes.  Bringing it close to the boat and then watching it scream line  again.  Finally I think it’s beginning to tire out, so I tell her to try to  bring it in.  But, there is one more dilemma.  No Net !!

Since  we were only planning on fishing for small trout and in my haste of loading the  boat and gear, I didn’t bring a net.  Oh well, we have to try to land it  some how.

I told Nicole to try and turn the fish sideways near the boat.   The fish didn’t like that and out it goes again.  One more try I  said.  We only have one good chance at this.

So, she reeled it  closer again and got it along side the boat.  I kneeled down on the floor  and reached into the water.  With one hand around it’s tail and one hand  under the belly, I managed to pick the fish up and lay it on her lap.  Talk  about lucky.

A Giant Rainbow in its spawning colors.  This was a  beauty.  So, we quickly got a few photos and measurements and placed it  back into the water to revive.  After a few minutes of reviving, this fish  was ready to go.  Off it went.  What a sight to see.  We should  see this fish in the next few weeks up at the spawning  grounds.

Congratulations to Nicole for landing this baby and even more  grateful to see you let it go.

So, that goes to show you why I love  fishing on Kootenay Lake.  And also it’s never a bad time to go fishing.   Any day can produce a fish of a lifetime.

The next few weeks should  hopefully see the water temperature rise.  And that in turn should see the  fish to begin to get more active.  Our best fishing is coming up.   Let’s get out there.

What are they biting on ???

The fish are harder to find right now.  So, you need  to mix it up. We are fishing both on the surface and  down deeper.   Bucktail flies on the surface in the usual colors are working.    Blk/wht, Grey/wht, Purple/wht are working.  My favorites have been: #  228, 215,  and lately the 210.  Some common names are:  grey  ghost and  bleeding gill.

Also catching  fish on Bill Norman lures and Lyman plugs on the surface.  Favorite colors  have been:  Rainbow, purple/silver, blue/silver, green/silver Billies.   And an assortment of Lymans: purple/wht, green/orange,  black/silver.

Also we’ve  been using the downriggers for both Rainbows and Dolly Varden (Bull Trout).   Some of our best depths have been  80′, 120′ and even below 150′  lately.  We’ve been using our favorite flasher & hoochie combo, or  my favorite Lyman plugs are working well.  Plug #’s  16, 32,  55 ,  and 160 have producing some good fish for me as  well.

The water  temperature is still hanging around 40 degrees, but I did notice slight  increases on some days.  So,  fishing should get better and better as  we approach Spring.

Let’s Go Fishing  !!!!!

Tight  lines………………. 


Your  Guide,

Kerry  Reed

Reel  Adventures Fishing Charters

Nelson  B.C




Perch fishing Polson Bay

April  12, 2012


The  news that many of you have been waiting to hear is whether or not the perch have  turned on in East Bay.  I’m happy to  report that “it has” and that I’d rate the fishing from good to fantastic  depending on conditions.  The water  temperature near 50 degrees with slightly murky water seems to be optimum.  The fish can be found in depths of 3 ½  to 5 feet.

When  the fish are lethargic and the water is clear enough to see the bottom, night  crawlers on a snelled hook may be best.  If the water is muddy and the fish are in a frenzy a more visible yellow  or pink jig or fly baited with perch meat is best.

Morning and afternoons seem to have more fish activity with a  mid-day lull often the case. 

It’s not unusual to pick up lake trout, bass or large bait fish so  be ready for t hat. 

If you are launching an 18 foot or larger boat you might consider  the boat ramp at Blue Bay as the Polson ramp is not steep enough and makes  floating a boat difficult.  Also  there is not docking facility there. 

For  more information give us a call at 406-675-0068 or my personal cell phone is  250-0241.  Email us at: macman@ronan.net.  For ordering information our website is: www.zimmertackle.com

Most local stores have our custom perch rigs. 

Good  Fishing

The  macman

Fishing Seminar

Mo Fisch Charters will be putting on a seminar at Snappy Sport Senter in Kalispell, Mt. this saturday April 14th at 9:00 am trolling for Lake Trout on Flathead Lake

Spring Fever

April Mack’s

Fishing for lake trout on FlatheadLake
in the month of April can be a bit frustrating. April is a transition month.
The spring runoff is the major player. The amount of runoff and how quickly the
snow melts will dictate where and how we fish the north end ofFlatheadLake.

Recently we have been fishing the east side of the center
bar in the 200 ft plus area.

Trolling flatfish on the bottom is still the lure of choice.
Try downsizing to the U-20 from Worden’s. I like the Luminous green strip, fire
tiger, and the white with the red head.

When we start fishing further north near the river mouth I
like to use a dodger from Gold Star in size #0, color #790 or 792, then attach
a 23” 25lb. mono leader with a mother of pearl #35 Octopus (41/4”) or in a
double glow #8034.

Also try a F-2 flasher from Silver Horde to create a larger
area of flash and more action to your houchies or fly.
Lake Koocanusa

Fishing for the big rainbows in LakeKoocanusa
in the spring offers a great cure for spring fever.

The number of fish per day this time of year is in the 8 -12
fish per day, not bad!

The rainbows seem to average in the 6-10 lb. range.

Try fishing the shoreline with Rapala’s that imitates a
small Kokanee salmon. Cross the lake while fishing the center area of the lake
pulling your favorite Lyman plugs in spring colors. Remember bright day’s
bright lures.

Your can fish for the bull trout but you can’t keep any,
catch and release only.


Remember; NO BAD DAYS