Flathead Lake


The fishing on Flathead Lake has been as unpredictable as the weather. Spring time in Montana has been windy rainy one day and sunny the next. The Flathead River run off is in full swing and with the amount of rain we have had this spring the river is putting a lot of stained muddy water and debri into the lake.

Where to fish:

The north end of the lake around the river mouth just south off the delta. Try fishing the south and the east side of the delta. Start your troll in 90’ of water and work your way into 50’ of water then out to 140’ of water. Watch your fish finder. You will mark a lot of fish on the finder then concentrate on those fish by changing up your lures and presentation. The fish can be suspended anywhere from 10’ down to 60’ move your presentation just over the top of the fish and keep working them, remember fish concentrate on what’s in front and above them, not what is below them.

Try fishing the deeper trenches of the lake in 120/200’ of water for the larger lake trout.

What to use:

When fishing deep and targeting the bigger fish try using the original Flatfish from Worden’s, Yakima Bait in the glow white T-50, T-55, &T-60 also in the red/white and the double glow. Remember to fish these lures slow and keep them on the bottom.

Also the Electronic Stingfish from Pro-troll in size 15-51/2” long work very well. Remember the e-chip in these flatfish is something that the fish can key on in the stained water. Try the Chrome Green Chart #387, Hot frog #412.

When fishing for the more numerous average size fish I like to use the dodger/flasher houchies combinations.

Flashers from Pro-Troll #8 series in #106 Glow Chart, #183 Blue Spatter Back, #188 Green Splatter Glow.

I have been having good results attaching an Ace Hi fly from Gold Start 24-32” behind these flashers. Also try a #35 Octopus (41/2”) behind these dodgers or a flasher from Gold Star. Houchies in the standard glow white or green and white are always a good starting point. Be creative; try some spoons and different color combinations.


“Remember there are fishermen, and then there are those that just go fishing.”

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Capt. Bob

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Fishing Report from the Macman

June 21, 2012


For those who’d like to make a buck, fishing for bait fish has  finally kicked in.  So far I’ve had  the best success in the waters on the west side of the Polson Armed Forces  Memorial Bridge and near the old Polson city dock.  The last 2 times out I’ve filled a 52  quart cooler.  The standard setup is  2 snelled  hooks above a bottom  weight.  If you are fishing the  aquatic larvae rich rocky areas near the bridge maggots and corn seem to work  equally as well but the maggots stay on the hook better any where you fish.  Above the bridge a piece of night crawler is best.  If you are on the lee side of the city  dock current wise you have a shot at some nice perch as well. The picture is of  a couple I caught last time out.  One was 11” the other is 13”.

There are many locations on the West side of Polson Bay where both  bait fish and perch can be caught.  Wherever these bait fish are found chumming with corn will keep them  close and actively feeding.

You’ll need some instruction on proper care of the  bait fish as you’re catching them.  Give them a call at 406-675-0068 for details.  You’ll also need a $10.00 license  available here at our store.  We  can’t accept fish from those not properly licensed. 

Fishing for Lake Trout on Flathead Lake has been  spotty with folks jigging in deep water having the best success. 

Kokanee continue to feed actively at Lake Mary Ronan  though they seemed to have moved from a depth of 25 feet out to 35 feet.  Perch fishing slowed but should pick up  again with warming conditions. 

The bass in local reservoirs;  Ninepipes, Kicking Horse, Pablo, Crow  and Turtle Lake will become active with warming water temperatures. 

For more information call Zimmer Tackle at  406-675-0068 or my personal cell 406-250-0241. For information or to share  fishing stories and pictures, email us at: macman@ronan.net . Our website: www.zimmertackle.com has a listing and pictures of our tackle inventory.  You can order on line. 

Good Fishing

The Macman

Flathead Lake





Fishing the north end of the lake just south of the river mouth is a good starting point. Start your troll at 60’ make several passes moving out to deeper water. The fish will bill staging in various depths depending on the river flow and current of the river as the amount of runoff changes, changing the current. Keep changing your depths and location until you find the fish. Also move south down the center bar concentrating on the east side working the drop offs. The fish will hang in the 160 to 200’ depths.

What to use:

Try a bright dodger, houchie combination from Silver Horde. My favorite is #0 Dodger (21/2”X8”) hammered. Try #110, 264 and 013.

Tie on a bright colored #35 Octopus (4 1/2”) #9012 ultra violet, #8008 double glow. Measure your leader length 2 ½ times the length of your flasher.


Try letting your flasher back about 30’ behind the downrigger ball and keep your lure as close to the bottom as possible. Adjust your depths when you see fish on the fish finder as they will be in different depths. This is a good time of year to catch those suspended fish. When you catch fish at a given depth then move all your lures to that depth.

This is a good time to try stacking your downriggers with multiple lures and try fishing multiple depths. The fish this time of year, during the runoff, will stage at different depths. I like to fish the flasher/houchies combination on the bottom and stack a spoon higher in the water column.

Keep your speed in the 1.8-2.3 mph. vary your speed until you catch fish then concentrate on that speed and area of the lake.

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Capt. Bob Orsua

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Kootenay Lake, B.C.

Hey everybody,

here’s the latest fishing report.   Pass it on to anyone who may be interested.


Kootenay Lake

Spring  fishing has provided some exciting days. May was a decent month for weather, but  an even better month for fishing.  Rainbows up to 23 Lbs and Dolly Varden  up to 16 Lbs have been coming in lately.  Although not every day has been  hot, we have still seen some pretty consistent fishing.
The latest derby  saw one of our guests bring in a contender.  Shane landed a beautiful  Rainbow just under 19 Lbs to land himself a nice 2nd place trophy.  That  weekend we managed to hook into over 20 fish, with the majority of them being  over 10 Lbs.  That is quality fishing.  And that’s why people come  from all over to fish Kootenay Lake.
The following week we had a new  group out with us for a nice day trip on the lake.  They managed to hook  into 6  fish over 10 Lbs, including a double header. The biggest fish  weighing in at 18-1/2 Lbs was landed by our friend John.
And many other  days have produced some great fish.
The water temperature was finally at  our optimum fishing temperature, until the weather changed.  Temperatures  have dropped and the fish are probably just as confused as we are.
Oh  well, there is one good thing about the cool, rainy days of June. It will help  prolong our fishing season.  Usually the fishing remains fairly steady  until the temperatures get too hot.  Which might not be until August at the  rate we are going so far.
Also with the rain comes high water.  This  means there will be lots of debris floating around in the water. And while that  makes it a little tougher to fish, it does help bring the fish to the surface to  feed.   Fishing around these feed lines can be very productive.  But  make sure to check your lines often, as they can become fouled with debris.
Should be a good month for fishing if we can keep the debris off our  lines.
What are they biting on  ???

Since most of the fish are coming to the  surface to feed, we are mainly running our bucktail flies.  We have some  new products that seem to be working well.  The usual flies now come with a  weighted head.  They are called fish skulls.  This weighted head not  only helps keep some of the debris off your lines, but it gives the fly a  different action.  And they have produced some fairly consistent fish on  our boat.  My Favorite colors have been:  Blk/wht, grey/wht, and  green/wht.  Or the common numbers are:  214, 215, 221, and  228.

Also using my favorite Lyman plugs and  Apex lures on the calmer days.  My favorites have been:  black/silver,  silver/gold, blue/green or lucky numbers of #10, # 16, #53, #55, and the #102 of  late.

We’ve also managed a few fish on the  downriggers.  Still using the old flasher/hoochie combo for the dollies.   But we’re catching lots on my favorite plugs again down deep.  Magic  depths have been 40′, 60′, and 80′.

The  water temperature is almost perfect.  Lately I’ve had readings between 51-  53 degrees.  So, we should be in for some great fishing  still.

The  next month should be great fishing.  So, Let’s Get Out There !!


Tight lines…..

Another Record Year !!

  If this year’s Gerrard run is any  indication of what our future holds, we should be pretty excited.  Another  record number of fish were counted up at the spawning grounds this  year.

If  you didn’t get a chance to see this amazing sight, then you missed out on a  treat.  1039 fish was the peak number this year.  That’s a lot of fish  to be in one area at the same time.  Although the total number of spawners  over the one month period will be closer to 3000 fish through the spawning  grounds. That’s my estimate, but it definitely blows last years numbers out of  the water.

Looks like we have a bright future for  Kootenay Lake.  Looking forward to the next few years !!!


If  you want to check out the day to day numbers that were at the spawning grounds,  go to the ministry’s web site for a daily count.  Check it out at:   www.env.gov.bc.ca/kootenay/fsh/main/mainfish.htm

Your  Guide,

Kerry Reed

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