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Fishing the north end of the lake just south of the river mouth is a good starting point. Start your troll at 60’ make several passes moving out to deeper water. The fish will bill staging in various depths depending on the river flow and current of the river as the amount of runoff changes, changing the current. Keep changing your depths and location until you find the fish. Also move south down the center bar concentrating on the east side working the drop offs. The fish will hang in the 160 to 200’ depths.

What to use:

Try a bright dodger, houchie combination from Silver Horde. My favorite is #0 Dodger (21/2”X8”) hammered. Try #110, 264 and 013.

Tie on a bright colored #35 Octopus (4 1/2”) #9012 ultra violet, #8008 double glow. Measure your leader length 2 ½ times the length of your flasher.


Try letting your flasher back about 30’ behind the downrigger ball and keep your lure as close to the bottom as possible. Adjust your depths when you see fish on the fish finder as they will be in different depths. This is a good time of year to catch those suspended fish. When you catch fish at a given depth then move all your lures to that depth.

This is a good time to try stacking your downriggers with multiple lures and try fishing multiple depths. The fish this time of year, during the runoff, will stage at different depths. I like to fish the flasher/houchies combination on the bottom and stack a spoon higher in the water column.

Keep your speed in the 1.8-2.3 mph. vary your speed until you catch fish then concentrate on that speed and area of the lake.

Tight lines

Capt. Bob Orsua

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4 thoughts on “Flathead Lake

  1. A good boat launch would be Westshore State Park, it is located on the west shore of FLathead Lake. Mile marker 93 on hwy. 93 6 miles south of Lakeside. Good camping area also. Start sround the center bar the delta off the river mouth. Get a map it would very helpful.

    Good Luck

  2. Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me a good starting point. And a boat launch with a camp site. I have a camper on my truck. Thank You

  3. The current daily limit for lake trout on Flathead Lake is 100 daily. There is a slot size between 30-36″ you have to release., that way they can grow up and be a trophy size fish.