Summer Fishing Flathead Lake

The fishing remains steady on Flathead Lake. Fishing the north end of the lake around the river mouth is your best bet in July and August.

Trolling the usual dodger, flasher, houchies combo still produces the most fish. Good number of eater size lake trout average 3-5lbs.

Also try a few spoons in the perch pattern near the surface. The fish are suspended through out the water column.

Tight lines.

Capt. Bob

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Flathead Lake Summer Fishing



The fishing on Flathead is in full summer mode. The runoff has ended and the water has cleared. Most of the fishing is being done around the delta area, which is west and east of the river mouth. The fish are staged at the edge of the drop off as the shallows drop into the deeper water around the delta. Try tolling in the 60’ of water out to 160’. Watch the fish finder and when you start to mark fish concentrate on that depth and target the feeding fish. If you start to get hits stay in that area and work those fish.


Try trolling #0 dodger from Silver Horde, Gold Star. #790, 793, and 110 all are working well. 23”-28 behind the dodger tie on a Ace Hi Fly also from Silver Horde in a # 142, 197 and a 224 all in the UV.

Also try #35 Octopus (41/4”) in color #8179, 8180 or 3140.

Troll the dodgers at 1.5 – 1.8 mph. vary your speed, troll in an “S” pattern, rather than a straight line. This will create various speeds to either the outside lines or the inside lines. You can also attach a small piece of cut bait to the front hook of the houchies or Ave Hi.

Also some spoons are working. Try perch patterns and some brass colors. The Sonic Edge spoons from Gold Star in a # 653, 663 and 110 work well.

I like to put down a couple downriggers deep and then flat line a couple spoons to cover all the depths.


Tight lines

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