Lake Koocanusa



Fishing Lake Koocanusa can only get better.

We fished last weekend on the north end and south of the bridge for the Kamloop rainbows. We did catch 3 rainbows and 3 bull trout. The biggest bull was approx. 5 lbs. remember, this year you cannot keep any bull trout so handle them with care and get them released as soon as possible. The biggest rainbow  went about 3 lbs.

We caught fish on the bucktail flies and Lyman plugs on the surface, also jointed Rapalas. We also caught two bulls off the downrigger one at 55 ft. and 65 ft.

We did mark a lot of fish on the fish finder, big schools of Kokanee salmon. The surface temperature was 58-59 degrees. In a couple weeks the fishing should get much better and the big fish will start to show up.
The best time for this fishery is when the surface water temperature gets down to 55 degrees or less.

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Capt. Bob


Lake Koocanusa

It is getting to that time of year to start fishing for those big Kamloop rainbows in Lake Koocanusa. We are filling up fast with many charters for Oct. Nov. and Dec. If you are thinking of booking a trip with us book as soon as possible.

Prime time is when the surface water temperature gets down to 55 degrees or less. When the surface temperature drops those big rainbows start to feed on the surface and are very active and hit your lure with such aggressive behavior. It is a spectacular fish to catch and a great battle to get that fish to the boat.

Just one suggestion if you are thinking of trying this fishery.   JUST DO IT!

Remember patience pays off with big rewards on this lake. Keep the boat going forward and keep the lines in the water.

Be sure your boat is ready for this winter fishery. Staying warm makes the long days bearable, and keeps you out there longer. Make sure your boat batteries are in good shape, the cold weather is tough on weak batteries.

Get your tackle ready. I re spool all my reels every year; it would be a shame to hook a 20lb. rainbow and have your line fail. Check your fishing reels. Remember a little reel lube on the moving parts helps keep the ice from forming and having a failure, especially on the worm gear on those level line reels.

Stock up on your favorite lures. It always seems like you find a hot lure and then the tackle shops are all out of them.

If you have any questions about this fishery, feel free to drop me an email or give us a call.

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Flathead Lake




Fall fishing on Flathead Lake is an excellent time of year to fish the big lake. Lake trout spawn in November and these fish stage near the shore lines in the rocky shoals and ridges.

Lately we have been catching fish just east of Angel Point in 80-120’ of water. Fishing the center bar, either on the east side or the west side on the drop off into deeper water has been producing good number of average size fish.

What to use;

Try using a #0 dodger from Gold Star in a #110 (chrome) or #793 (hammered blue/chrome). Behind the dodger tie on either an Ace Hi Fly or#35 Octopus (41/4”) in either#8955 (white) or a #3140 (ultra violet) green.

Also I have been putting on a smile blade from Mack’s Lure in front of the houchies or Ace Hi Fly.

The Cha Cha salmon series from Mack’s Lure is a pre-rigged set up, #60062 or#60063 is a good bet.

Fishing the early morning bite has been producing most of the fish, or the very late afternoon is also producing good number.

Tip of the month;

Fall is in the air and the winter storage of our gear is important. For those of you that have Cannon Downriggers it would be a good idea to these riggers serviced this winter. We are an authorized Cannon service center. Doing a tune up on your riggers during the winter months could save you some down time next summer. Most of us never consider getting the grease changed in the gear boxes until we have a failure. Also greasing the main shaft and changing the bushings on the shaft and spool is a good idea.

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