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Sport Show Scheduling

Please stop by and say hi at these Sport Show events. Sign up for your chance to win a free day of fishing with us onFlatheadLake.

Montana Sportsman’s Expo:    Kalispell, Mt. February 15-17, 2013

Great Rockies Sport Show:   Missoula March 23-24, 2013

Winter fishery

Fishing for lake trout on Flathead Lake in February and March can be very rewarding. We usually start fishing in late February and start hitting it hard in March. This is my favorite time to target the biggest of the big lake trout. Last February we had a day to brag about, 12 fish in the boat the smallest was 18 lbs. Of course not all days are like that. I really like to target the bigger fish in the cold winter months. The big fish move out onto the large flats in 120 to 200’ of water. Fishing the bottom of these mud flats with large flatfish in the T-50, 55, 60 works really well, also the Mag Lip from Yakima Bait is one of my favorite lures for these deep cold water trophies.

Remember to fish these lures slow, 1mph. These big Lakers are old and they are lazy, they will not chase a fast moving lure. I like these big lures in the red/white and the glow white. Also some blues and silver and perch pattern always works well.

On the west shore of the lake you can launch at West Shore State Park, on the east shore either Wayfarer State Park or Blue stay open year round.

Winter maintenance;

Winter months are a great time to do the maintenance on your boat and fishing tackle.  Replacing that old fishing line is cheap insurance in landing the next big one, I hate it when we hook a big fish and the line breaks? Also when you have the line off it is a good idea to clean and lube your reels. Check your fishing rods for any cracks and any nicks in the eyes.

Boat maintenance is vital to a good day on the lake. Check your batteries and keep them on the charger during these winter months. Check your downrigger cable for any frayed cable and inspect the ends for any weak links.

Don’t forget the little trick of putting some artificial vanilla on a piece of paper towel and putting it in any areas of the boat that get that mildew, or musty smell, coolers, under seats, fish boxes, etc.

Tight lines

January lake trout

Winter fishing on Flathead lake continues to be good. We can launch at West Shore State Park. We are fishing in 80-160 ft. of water from the boat launch to Cedar Island. Fishing shallow at 80’ try the typical dodger or flasher combo with the houchies in a glow white. Also try the Brad’s Super Bait behind a flasher.

If you want to try and target the bigger fish, try 120-190’ of water with big flatfish on the bottom. Remember, fish these flatfish at 1 mph or less as these big fish will not chase a lure very fast.

We put 11 fish in the boat yesterday morning in 3 hours. Nice size fish, 3-6lbs. perfect for eating.

The water temperature is 38 degrees, be careful and stay warm. If the wind comes up play it safe and get off the lake.