Bass on a fly rod

Headed out to a near by slough in Kalispell Montana. Looking for some pike and bass on the fly rods this evening. No pike, but we were able to get quite a few great takes on the top with bass. Its a blast seeing a large mouth inhale your frog as it dances by the lily pads. We offer plenty of lake oppurtutnies for a variety of fish. Book your trip today.

Lots of runoff on the Flathead River and it is going to be quite some time before she is fishing. Missouri River is always a great option. Great weather this week so be sure to get out and enjoy

Artic Grayling

Had a great trip today with Jeff and Robin from North Carolina. With a lot of the rivers muddy-up lately, we have many lake opportunities to fill your fly fishing itch. Rodgers lake was a great choice today. Had a strong Callibaetis hatch come off at noon, and it was the strongest I had ever seen it. Fish started eating on the surface at about 1 o’clock. What great day being able to get them on nymphs, streamers and then to top it off with some great dry fly action. We have been catching some great pike lately as well!! Lots of energy in Montana with some great weather and some great fishing.

What’s Hot?

Kokanee fishing is read hot right now! Get out there and get some of these abundant tasty fish. Also, the perch and pike fishing is going strong.

Spring time fishing

Flathead Lake:

The lake trout fishing remains to be steady on Flathead Lake. This time of the season I call it the tansition period. These lakers seem to be moving around due to the run off and fluxuation of the water temperature and oxygen level. Try fishing the  east side of the center bar just off of Woods Bay point. You can fish the entire length of the centerbar starting at the delta all the way down to Yellow Bay.

Jigging in 200′ of water works well or trolling in 180-200′ the typical trolling dodgers and houchies.

Multi Specie

This is the time to get out and try for some pike. We caught 10 nice pike last Monday all on a fly rod using streamer flies, largest weighing 10 lbs. lots of fun on a fly rod. Also some 12″ perch!

Kokanee fishing kicks in starting this Sat. on Lake Mary Ronan.

Also the small and largemouth bass are starting to get active with the water warming.