Lake Koocanusa

It is not to early to start booking your dates to fish for the trophy rainbows. I will be moving the boat up to Eureka in Mid October and some of the ideal days are starting to fill up. This is a special time of year for these hard fighting rainbows. Last year was really showing some promise of big fish for the up coming years.

Lets go fishing

Flathead Lake

Summer fishing on Flathead Lake remains steady. Fishing the north end of the center bar is a good area for smaller good eating Lakers.

Also the 300’ of water down the east side of the center bar is holding fish feeding on the shrimp.

Try trolling a dodger houchies combo in either white houchies or green/white combination. (Ultra violet)

#0 dodger from Silver Horde in #013 hammered, #790, and 793 all hammered.

#35 Octopus, houchies, in # 9012 ultra violet, #4014 all work well tied 18-23” behind the dodger.

Look for fish suspended in the 60 to 80’ depths over 120 to 300’ of water.

Early morning and later afternoon/evening is a good time to catch these fish suspended feeding on the shrimp in the deep water.

Tight lines