Kokanee Salmon

Lake Mary Ronan:

We fished Lake Mary Ronan yesterday and limited out with 10 fish limits in less than 2 hours. These are hard fighting and good eating fish, now is the time to hit Lake Mary Ronan. We were jigging in 22 to 28ft. of water. You can also troll using the common cow bells, wedding rings.

Flathead Lake:

Fishing remains steady for the lake trout. We have been trolling in 180 to 210ft of water pulling either Brad’s Super Baits or the Flasher, squid combinations. Also don’t forget to throw out a flat line with a big Rapala or Bill Norman on the surface 150 ft. straight back behind the boat.

Swan Lake:

The pike fishing has also been very good on Swan Lake. he typical smelt under a bobber or throw spinner baits or plugs.

See Ya on the water