August bite

First let me start by apologizing on the lack of updated fishing reports. We have been extremely busy this summer, our busiest yet, and busy covering all the lakes and water in the area.  I try to up date the fishing reports as much as possible but sometimes the conditions don’t change that drastically to warrant frequent updates. If you really want currant information you can always give us a call.


The bite continues on Flathead Lake. For the first 2 hours of any charter I focus my attention on the trophy size Lakers, over 36”s. 200′ of water east side of the delta west of Woods Bay.

I fish the two outside downriggers with a M2 SP Flatfish from Yakima Bait Company. I start with a red/white in size M2SP 41/2”.

Down the middle I will run the steel line with a original Flatfish in either a glow white or a red/white in size T-60.

I will also use the Electronic Stingfish from Pro-Troll in size 15-51/2” long. I use Blue tiger or Chrome Chart.  Ends.

After about 2 hours I then move over to shallower water and fish for what I call the eater size, 24” to 28”. I use the Electronic ProChip Flasher 8” series from Pro-Troll in either a Glow red or a glow Chart. Behind the flasher I tie a mother of pearl #35 Octopus/Squid (41/4”) from Gold Star.

I target the 80 to 120’ of water off the center bar or off Angel Point.

Remember, flatfish troll 1mph and the flasher 1.8 to 2.3mph.


Just a reminder if you are thinking about fishing with us on Lake Koocanusa for the winter rainbow, kamloop, bite please book early as we are filling up those prime dates fast. I am excited about this fishery for this fall/winter as last year ended with bigger fish and more of them. This next season should only be better.

Tight Lines