Kam Jam!

Who’s ready for some ‘loopers? WE are, and the time is now! With temperatures already dropping into the mid-’50s on Little Bitterroot Lake, the big Kamloops (Gerrard) Rainbows are starting to bite. We never know how long the bite will last, maybe two weeks, maybe 6-8, but the time is now to get on our calendar if you want to fish this Fall. Bring three to five of your best friends and let’s do this! Half day trips ARE available, but full days get you some nice Kokanee as well.
(Our schedule is not allowing any Koocanusa trips this Fall, we will start those up again in the spring, but the GIANTS are in Bitterroot, legit chance at a 20# plus if we put the time in…)


Mike Howe
Owner, Howe’s Fishing
Mo Fisch and A Able Charters

Lake Koocanusa

Lake Koocanusa has been fishing okay. Two largest rainbows were 5 to 6 lbs. We have lost a couple that were bigger in the 10-12 lb. range.

Streamer flies have been picking up most of the fish. We have been averaging 6 to 10 fish per day.

The darker colors like purple, black, brown have been working the best. We caught a few fish on the dark colored Lyman plugs. Also a few fish on the rainbow patterned Rapalas.

The bigger fish will be showing more as the winter progresses. When the water temperature gets this cold try trolling a little slower, 2.6-2.8 mph. The surface water temperature was 48.0 degrees and dropping.  Also catching and releasing 4 to 5 bull trout a day. Remember we cannot keep any bull trout this year.

November fishing on Lake Koocanusa

It is time to be fishing for those Kamloop rainbows. The surface temperature is down to 52.0 degrees.

We fished last week and averaged 8-12 fish per day. The biggest 2 rainbows weighed in at 5 lbs. each. The biggest bull trout was approx. 8 lbs. Remember we cannot keep any bulls this year so no need to take them out of the water to weigh them. Keep them in the water and release them as soon and as careful as possible.

We caught fish on streamer flies, Lyman lures, and  Rapalas. Colors seem to be more in the dark colors. Black/purple, black/silver and browns all worked well. The boat ramp is in good shape and as long as we can use the upper ramp the Forest Service will have the boat dock available to us.

Remember keep that speed in the 3.0 to 3.5 mph. If you have downriggers try a 11″ flasher with a bucktail flie tied on 36″ behind the flasher. Set the downrigger where ever you see the fish  on the fish fider. usually anywhere from 45′ to 90′.

Stay warm on the water and keep the boat going forward.



The fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady. The fish are schooling more to the north end, south of the Delta area. The key this time of year is move around and find the bait and then you will find the lake trout. Try fishing 60’ to 160’ of water just on the south and the east side of the delta. At this time of the season try stacking on your downrigger. The runoff is dumping in enough water, debris and oxygenated water that the fish seem to be from top to bottom. Try some spoons on a flat line or stacking 35 to 60’ down while keeping the downrigger on the bottom for those bottom hugging fish.

Spoons on the long lines and stacking above the bottom hugging flasher/houchie combo’s are a good starting place this time of year. Try some deep diving Rapala’s or some heavy spoons.


Lake Koocanusa:


Rainbows in the 5 to 8 lb. range are the average. Trolling the surface with streamer flies in some dark colors, silver and black, black/white/gold are always good colors. Lyman’s in silver and black or silver with pink are working well.


My biggest worry is that my wife (when I’m dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.

Spring Fever

April Mack’s

Fishing for lake trout on FlatheadLake
in the month of April can be a bit frustrating. April is a transition month.
The spring runoff is the major player. The amount of runoff and how quickly the
snow melts will dictate where and how we fish the north end ofFlatheadLake.

Recently we have been fishing the east side of the center
bar in the 200 ft plus area.

Trolling flatfish on the bottom is still the lure of choice.
Try downsizing to the U-20 from Worden’s. I like the Luminous green strip, fire
tiger, and the white with the red head.

When we start fishing further north near the river mouth I
like to use a dodger from Gold Star in size #0, color #790 or 792, then attach
a 23” 25lb. mono leader with a mother of pearl #35 Octopus (41/4”) or in a
double glow #8034.

Also try a F-2 flasher from Silver Horde to create a larger
area of flash and more action to your houchies or fly.
Lake Koocanusa

Fishing for the big rainbows in LakeKoocanusa
in the spring offers a great cure for spring fever.

The number of fish per day this time of year is in the 8 -12
fish per day, not bad!

The rainbows seem to average in the 6-10 lb. range.

Try fishing the shoreline with Rapala’s that imitates a
small Kokanee salmon. Cross the lake while fishing the center area of the lake
pulling your favorite Lyman plugs in spring colors. Remember bright day’s
bright lures.

Your can fish for the bull trout but you can’t keep any,
catch and release only.


Remember; NO BAD DAYS


Lake Koocanusa



Fishing for the big rainbows on Lake Koocanusa
remains steady. The really big rainbows are not as common as in the fall, but
still one big Kam over 10lbs. makes a great day. The lake is down about 55ft.
right now. All the boat ramps are usable and the lake is clear of ice.

Some nice Kamloop rainbows in the 6 to 12 lb. range are the
average this time of year. You will probably catch several bull trout, remember
there are catch and release.




This time of year I prefer Lyman Lures are my go to plugs. I
also use some jointed and jerk bait Rapalas. Remember spring of the year use
spring color plugs and lures. Also try some spring color streamer flies. The
pink/white, red/white, silver/white are all good choices in the spring months.


Tight Lines

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch CHarters

Lake Koocanusa

Winter fishing is here. What does that mean? Well, it means big fish.

Now that the water temperature has reached its coldest, 37 degrees, the big fish come out to play.
This is the time of year when we seem to catch our biggest Dollies, and the
Rainbows all seem to be bigger.

We’re not catching as many fish as in the fall, but all fish are
quality fish at this time of year. Because the temperature has cooled down, it
means the fish have slowed down. That means it’s time to slow down your presentation.
So, our speeds now have slowed to 1.8 – 2.5 mph. That doesn’t mean the fishing
has slowed down, it just means that we can’t cover as much water as the faster
speeds, which in turn means fewer fish. The lake has some ice floating around
so keep our eyes open.

However, the trade off can be worth it. Rainbows up to 15 Lbs and Dollies up to 17 Lbs
have been caught. Just keep fishing and put in your time. The fishing pressure
is light this time of year. The boat ramp and the road to the ramp are free of
snow and ice.

We’re still catching fish on the surface and down deep. Seem to see most of the fish
stacked up in the 15 to 50’ depths. However, when they decide to feed, it seems
to happen more on the surface. So, you definitely need to mix it up a bit.

We will be heading to the Flathead Valley Boat Show Feb. 10-12, 2012. Stop by and say

What are they biting on???

The fish are still scattered throughout the water column, so we are fishing both on
the surface and down deeper. Bucktail flies on the surface in the usual colors
are working well. Blk/wht, Grey/wht, Purple/wht are working well. Also we’ve
been using the downriggers for both Rainbows and Dolly Varden (Bull Trout).
Some of our best depths have been 10 to 60’.  We’ve been using our favorite Lyman plugs #’s
10, 16, 32, 100, and 160 have producing some good fish.

The water temperature is around 37 degrees, so remember, slower fishing but bigger

Some of
our biggest fish should be caught in the next couple of months!

Winter is here, so Let’s Go Fishing

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

Capt. Bob Orsua

MoFisch Charters



Winter Rainbows

I did a trip last Friday on Lake Koocanusa, and wow, the winter weather made it a challenge, 10 to 15 mph winds and snowing.  The temperature when we started was 15 degrees and 19 degrees when we ended the day. I really appreciate my heater on days like that.  Anyway, that’s winter fishing, we put 4 rainbows in the boat and 3 bull trout. The biggest rainbow weighed in at 9.5 lbs. and a 10 lb. bull trout, (nice fish).

Lymans were working very well,  #100, 32, 16, and 135.  Also the bucktail flies in the silver/white, red/white, purple/white, and grey/white.

I talked with the Forest Service in Eureka,  they said they would get the road down to the ramp plowed on Monday and reset the boat dock. If you ever get a chance, a word of thanks to those folks would go a long way.

The weather forecast calls for a warming trend. I think this next week is going to be very productive.

Check out the new pictures I added to the most recent catches on Lake Koocanusa.

 If you get a chance check out www.reeladventuresfishing.com  Kootenay Lake,  B.C. big rainbows!

See Ya on the water, dress warm!

Capt. Bob, Mo Fisch Charters




Catching Report

                           Fishing report (catching report)

This has to be the best fishing report of the year!

Lake Koocanusa:

Last Monday I did a charter on Lake Koocanusa, we put 12 rainbows in the boat and the largest was a beautiful 17.4lb. male, and a 12.5lb. Rainbow, both went to Cabin Fever Taxidermy. Wow that was a day! I am looking forward to what the rest of the season has to offer. The future on Lake Koocanusa looks very promising. Most of the fish were caught on Lyman Plugs. We also caught several fish on Rapalas. Flies were not very productive that day. Just to keep things in perspective I did another charter on Tuesday and we boated 6 fish and the biggest was 6lbs. The bar is set very high!

Flathead River:

The Whitefish are in! Just two of us in the boat yesterday and we boated 23 very nice whitefish. It is obvious that the fish have moved into the river and the numbers are only going to increase. Bring a large cooler and remember if you keep fish you clean them.

Flathead Lake:

Okay, Matt did an all day charter yesterday on Flathead Lake with 4 clients and they boated 32 lake trout, WOW!

As the old saying goes, you shoulda been here yesterday!

Time to go fishing!

The pictures of these two trophy fish will be up on the most recent catches for Lakee Koocanusa in a couple days.

Lake Koocanusa

It is time to start fishing for the big rainbows in Lake Koocanusa. We fished yesterday; the largest was a beautiful 12.3 lb. male Kamloop. A 6.0 and  a 6.5lb. Rainbow were put in the boat along with a couple smaller fish. We also lost two very large fish. These fish hit very hard and get airborne and throw the hook! The surface water temperature is 57.0 degrees, seems a little warm but the fish are very aggressive.

Lyman Lures in #98, 68, and 77 all caught fish.

Also bucktail flies from Captain Andy worked very well. Stick with dark colors and don’t hesitate to try a variety of colors. Also Frisky Jenny has a good selection of flies.

Rapalas in sliver and black or blue back with an orange belly, worked better when the sun came out.

Remember to always check your drag!