Technology and Fishing

As another open water season unfolds before us, I am once again amazed by the advances we are seeing in the fishing tackle industry. I speak about technology in the ice fishing segment every year, from sonar to plastics to clothing and battery powered ice augers, but the open water industry is certainly home to many new and exciting innovations. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Sonar technology is probably the one area where it is easy to become overwhelmed, and many who purchase this advanced technology never scratch the surface of the unit’s capability. CHIRP technology is one of the newest terms when it comes to sonar, and it simply means the unit uses a multiple frequency sonar section rather than a fixed frequency, such as the common 83 Khz or 200 Khz range. This allows the units computer to analyze the returns, and determine what and how it will display, separating strong signals from weak, flesh and bone from rock and wood, and allowing less interference from other nearby units. Chirp also excels in deeper water situations, where it was originally developed.

Mapping technology has also come a long way, and there are now programs that allow you to map the lake bottom as you fish, assembling all the info as you go into a comprehensive map that you can share with others globally, or keep to yourself. This technology is allowing hundreds of anglers in Florida, using the Navionics program, to re-map coastal areas that were ravaged by Hurricane Irma. This is especially helpful around here, where lake mapping is nowhere near the level of the more populated states.

Tungsten weights and lures have been increasingly popular in the ice fishing world, where small jigs are the norm, and the extra weight without increased size is almost always welcome. Tungsten in the open water world offers the same benefits, but also allows much better feel as anglers move jigs and weights along the bottom, transmitting information directly to the anglers hands. Rock, wood, sand and gravel bottoms all feel different, and the accompanying noise can attract a fish’s curiosity. Smaller jig heads also allow the bait to become the focal point, and the fact that tungsten is nontoxic compared to lead is not lost as more and more anglers are becoming concerned about the effects of lead and the environment.

Carbon fiber and graphite have been used in rod construction for years now, and these materials are now finding their way into reel construction, oars, net handles, fishing shoes and more. Rod and reel combos in the $100 range and up weigh increasingly less, offer unprecedented feel and cast small lures and flies like rockets. Rods and reels are now measured in ounces, rather than pounds. Light weight and less mass means an angler can fish longer with less effort, all benefits especially to aging anglers whose hands, wrists and shoulders may not be all they once were!

Lastly… line. It was not very long ago when Dupont introduced monofilament fishing line to the masses, who until then were dealing with cotton, nylon, rayon and dacron fishing lines. Mono changed how anglers fished, just as braided lines, fluorocarbon and micro lines have. Today’s angler has more choices in line material, strength, construction and uses than ever before. No matter what technique or reel you use, there is a line that has been developed for you, and good ol’ monofilament is better than ever.

One look through the fishing departments at our local retailers, or an hour spent paging through the latest Cabelas or Bass Pro catalog is enough to make the most seasoned angler feel like a rookie, but don’t despair! Doing a little research on your own, talking with the folks who work in the fishing departments and spending a little time on You Tube will help you find the new technology that was designed to make you a better angler. I’ll see you on the water!

Come celebrate a life well lived…

Apologies if this comes as a shock to anyone who did not know of Captain Bob’s passing…

On Saturday July 8th, from 1-4 PM, we will be celebrating and honoring Captain Bob Orsua with a BBQ in his honor, and ALL are welcome.

There will be good food, great memories and an opportunity to hear more about where Mo Fisch is going in the future!

Please join us at Sherman and Patti Quiram’s home in Creston, MT, 183 Creston Road and give them a call if you have any questions.  406-212-2448

No Bad Days

Mike Howe

Crappie, perch, pike, smallmouth bass, grayling

Anyone interested in catching a mixed bag or just catch some species of fish you haven’t caught in awhile now is the time. The crappie fishng is best for the next 6 weeks. Also the pike fishing,  perch and small mouth bass are red hot in the spring before the water warms up and the rivers get blown out from the runoff. How about some artic grayling? I recently purchased a new 16′ jon boat just right for these smaller bodies of water.

Montana Sportsman’s Expo

We will be at the Montana Sportsman’s Expo in Kalispell Mt. on Friday Feb. 28th, Saturday March 1st. and Sunday March 2nd., 2014. Flathead County Fairgrounds-Trade Center, stop by our booth and say hi! We will be offering some great prices on some fishing tackle and free fishing advise. Also, we will have a show special on charters prices for 2014.

See you there

Kootenay Lake, B.C.

Hey everybody,

here’s the latest fishing report.   Pass it on to anyone who may be interested.


Kootenay Lake

Spring  fishing has provided some exciting days. May was a decent month for weather, but  an even better month for fishing.  Rainbows up to 23 Lbs and Dolly Varden  up to 16 Lbs have been coming in lately.  Although not every day has been  hot, we have still seen some pretty consistent fishing.
The latest derby  saw one of our guests bring in a contender.  Shane landed a beautiful  Rainbow just under 19 Lbs to land himself a nice 2nd place trophy.  That  weekend we managed to hook into over 20 fish, with the majority of them being  over 10 Lbs.  That is quality fishing.  And that’s why people come  from all over to fish Kootenay Lake.
The following week we had a new  group out with us for a nice day trip on the lake.  They managed to hook  into 6  fish over 10 Lbs, including a double header. The biggest fish  weighing in at 18-1/2 Lbs was landed by our friend John.
And many other  days have produced some great fish.
The water temperature was finally at  our optimum fishing temperature, until the weather changed.  Temperatures  have dropped and the fish are probably just as confused as we are.
Oh  well, there is one good thing about the cool, rainy days of June. It will help  prolong our fishing season.  Usually the fishing remains fairly steady  until the temperatures get too hot.  Which might not be until August at the  rate we are going so far.
Also with the rain comes high water.  This  means there will be lots of debris floating around in the water. And while that  makes it a little tougher to fish, it does help bring the fish to the surface to  feed.   Fishing around these feed lines can be very productive.  But  make sure to check your lines often, as they can become fouled with debris.
Should be a good month for fishing if we can keep the debris off our  lines.
What are they biting on  ???

Since most of the fish are coming to the  surface to feed, we are mainly running our bucktail flies.  We have some  new products that seem to be working well.  The usual flies now come with a  weighted head.  They are called fish skulls.  This weighted head not  only helps keep some of the debris off your lines, but it gives the fly a  different action.  And they have produced some fairly consistent fish on  our boat.  My Favorite colors have been:  Blk/wht, grey/wht, and  green/wht.  Or the common numbers are:  214, 215, 221, and  228.

Also using my favorite Lyman plugs and  Apex lures on the calmer days.  My favorites have been:  black/silver,  silver/gold, blue/green or lucky numbers of #10, # 16, #53, #55, and the #102 of  late.

We’ve also managed a few fish on the  downriggers.  Still using the old flasher/hoochie combo for the dollies.   But we’re catching lots on my favorite plugs again down deep.  Magic  depths have been 40′, 60′, and 80′.

The  water temperature is almost perfect.  Lately I’ve had readings between 51-  53 degrees.  So, we should be in for some great fishing  still.

The  next month should be great fishing.  So, Let’s Get Out There !!


Tight lines…..

Another Record Year !!

  If this year’s Gerrard run is any  indication of what our future holds, we should be pretty excited.  Another  record number of fish were counted up at the spawning grounds this  year.

If  you didn’t get a chance to see this amazing sight, then you missed out on a  treat.  1039 fish was the peak number this year.  That’s a lot of fish  to be in one area at the same time.  Although the total number of spawners  over the one month period will be closer to 3000 fish through the spawning  grounds. That’s my estimate, but it definitely blows last years numbers out of  the water.

Looks like we have a bright future for  Kootenay Lake.  Looking forward to the next few years !!!


If  you want to check out the day to day numbers that were at the spawning grounds,  go to the ministry’s web site for a daily count.  Check it out at:

Your  Guide,

Kerry Reed

Reel Adventures Fishing  Charters

Nelson B.C 250-505-4963



Kokanee Fishing

May 23,2012


Yesterday, May 22, I spent a half day with Mark Ward,  Captain Catch’em of the Outdoor Radio Show, and Don Beasley, former owner of the  Sportsman Surplus store in Missoula.  We were targeting kokanee on Lake Mary Ronan.  Though I don’t consider myself  particularly well-versed for these land-locked salmon, I was in company that  filled in my ignorance gaps.  We  anchored close enough to Jens Gran that there was plenty of male conversation  singeing the immediate atmosphere. 

We were using a variety of attracters with the common  denominator being a glow hook baited with uncooked shrimp.  These fish are as high energy as any  I’ve ever caught.  From multiple  aerial acrobatic to runs at you so fast that you think you’ve lost them is the  norm which makes catching them great fun.  We all limited out on Kokanee with a rainbow trout and several perch  thrown in for good measure. 

We were fishing a depth of about 24 feet keeping our  baits close to the bottom.  Of all  the setups we were using the Zimmer Salmon Ready to Go with both the ¼ oz and  1/8 oz Attract-a-Fish caught the most fish. 

Last weekend I spent some time on the East Side of  Polson Bay searching for perch.   We found perch on both the extreme North East and South East sides of the  bay with not much in between.  Even  though they were a little tougher to find than earlier this spring we managed to  bring in a nice mess of perch up to 11 inches along with  3 lake trout.  We used combinations of perch meat and  night crawlers for bait on Zimmer Ready to Go Perch setups. 

For catch and release fly fishermen there is now a  good opportunity for cutthroat trout both on the North West side of the Polson  Armed Forces Memorial Bridge and at Bigfork Harbor where the Swan River empties  into Flathead Lake. 

For more information contact us at Ph. 406-675-0068, my personal  cell number 406-250-0241, or email us at:

We’d also like to see any fishing pictures or read any fish stories  you’d like to send our way.  Check  out our tackle line at:   You can order from us online with Paypal or with credit card by phone or  visit our Pablo store. 

Good Fishing,

The Macman

(Dick Zimmer)

Spring Runoff

Flathead Lake:

The runoff on Flathead Lake is in full swing. The lake is very muddy about ½ way down the lake. We fished just outside the mud line last sat. and sun. and did very well. Try trolling in 160 – 200’ of water on the east side of the center bar, just about due east from West Shore State Park, or Angle Point.

Try trolling the Pro-Chip 8 series flasher from Pro-Troll in the #106 Glow Chart. Tie on a #8161 Mother of Pearl Houchie from Gold Star.  Also, Ace Hi Fly #142 or #860.Remember keep your speed down to 1.2-1.8 mph.

Lake Koocanusa:The runoff has also taken over this lake. The water temperature has gone up to the 50-52 degree range in the muddy water, still in the 48 degrees just outside the mud line. You can move south on the lake to try and get out of the darkest waters. This year with the recent rains and warmer temperatures I think we are just going to have to wait for the runoff to finish.


Tight lines

Capt. Bob

Perch fishing Polson Bay

April  12, 2012


The  news that many of you have been waiting to hear is whether or not the perch have  turned on in East Bay.  I’m happy to  report that “it has” and that I’d rate the fishing from good to fantastic  depending on conditions.  The water  temperature near 50 degrees with slightly murky water seems to be optimum.  The fish can be found in depths of 3 ½  to 5 feet.

When  the fish are lethargic and the water is clear enough to see the bottom, night  crawlers on a snelled hook may be best.  If the water is muddy and the fish are in a frenzy a more visible yellow  or pink jig or fly baited with perch meat is best.

Morning and afternoons seem to have more fish activity with a  mid-day lull often the case. 

It’s not unusual to pick up lake trout, bass or large bait fish so  be ready for t hat. 

If you are launching an 18 foot or larger boat you might consider  the boat ramp at Blue Bay as the Polson ramp is not steep enough and makes  floating a boat difficult.  Also  there is not docking facility there. 

For  more information give us a call at 406-675-0068 or my personal cell phone is  250-0241.  Email us at:  For ordering information our website is:

Most local stores have our custom perch rigs. 

Good  Fishing

The  macman

Fishing Seminar

Mo Fisch Charters will be putting on a seminar at Snappy Sport Senter in Kalispell, Mt. this saturday April 14th at 9:00 am trolling for Lake Trout on Flathead Lake

Winter Fishing


Lake Koocanusa has been fishing very well all
winter long. The weather  has been very mild allowing us to get out and enjoy
some winter fishing.

Last Saturday we caught 3 nice rainbows ranging from 6 to 9
lbs. really nice fish! Lyman plugs and streamer flies were working best. It
seemed that lighter colors in the whites and pinks, light browns were the colors
of the day. The lake has not gone down much in the last couple of weeks. The
boat ramp is free of ice and snow, no problem!  A big thanks goes out to the Forest Service
for plowing the road and the parking area at  Rexford Bench.

A bonus for the day we also caught 4 very nice bull trout.
The largest bull trout tipped the scales at 9lbs. It’s always a bonus to catch
these fish! A friend of mine, Bryan, told me he caught a 20lb. bull trout last
week. There are some big fish in that lake, and a lot of them.


Flathead Lake has also been
fishing good. Last week we did two charters and picked up some nice eating size
lake trout. The fish didn’t seem to be very interested in what we were offering
them. This is the first year I have ever been able to get out on the big lake
in January, so I am not too familiar with the fishery that time of year. We
usually start fishing in March and do very well on the larger lake trout that
time of year.


Keep Warm

Capt. Bob Orsua

Mo Fisch Charters