August bite

First let me start by apologizing on the lack of updated fishing reports. We have been extremely busy this summer, our busiest yet, and busy covering all the lakes and water in the area.  I try to up date the fishing reports as much as possible but sometimes the conditions don’t change that drastically to warrant frequent updates. If you really want currant information you can always give us a call.


The bite continues on Flathead Lake. For the first 2 hours of any charter I focus my attention on the trophy size Lakers, over 36”s. 200′ of water east side of the delta west of Woods Bay.

I fish the two outside downriggers with a M2 SP Flatfish from Yakima Bait Company. I start with a red/white in size M2SP 41/2”.

Down the middle I will run the steel line with a original Flatfish in either a glow white or a red/white in size T-60.

I will also use the Electronic Stingfish from Pro-Troll in size 15-51/2” long. I use Blue tiger or Chrome Chart.  Ends.

After about 2 hours I then move over to shallower water and fish for what I call the eater size, 24” to 28”. I use the Electronic ProChip Flasher 8” series from Pro-Troll in either a Glow red or a glow Chart. Behind the flasher I tie a mother of pearl #35 Octopus/Squid (41/4”) from Gold Star.

I target the 80 to 120’ of water off the center bar or off Angel Point.

Remember, flatfish troll 1mph and the flasher 1.8 to 2.3mph.


Just a reminder if you are thinking about fishing with us on Lake Koocanusa for the winter rainbow, kamloop, bite please book early as we are filling up those prime dates fast. I am excited about this fishery for this fall/winter as last year ended with bigger fish and more of them. This next season should only be better.

Tight Lines

Spring/Summer fishing

Flathead Lake:

Spring fishing has been very good. Yesterday we caught 10 fish, one of which was a slot fish, at 33?. The fish seemed to be very active and willing to bite. The runoff continues. The fish are starting to suspend throughout the water column. We were fishing in 140 ft of water and catching fish at 30, 55,  65, 85ft.  and on the bottom. Watch you fish finder, present your lures at whatever depth you see the fish. Be flexible move with the fish. We caught fish on dodger/houchie combo’s, spoons and stick baits.  As this spring weather pattern settles down I look for more consistent fishing. Try the north delta area, as well as the center bar.

Swan Lake:

Swan Lake has been on fire for big pike. Matt took a gentleman celebrating his 75th birthday and he pulled in a 42″, 24lb. northern. Also some lake trout, bull trout, kokanee salmon and cutthroat all in one day. This is a great multi specie fishery.

Fly Fishing small lake:

We have been doing some charters on some small lakes using the jon boats and fly fishing for these very aggressive and hard fighting trout. Brookies up to 2 lbs., wow nice brookie. Also been doing great on some 22″ rainbows on nymphs, leach patterns.

Lake Mary Ronan:

We have getting our limits of kokanee salmon, 10 fish limits, in about 2 hrs. for 3 client. Nice size kokanee 12″ to 14″.

Kokanee Salmon

Lake Mary Ronan:

We fished Lake Mary Ronan yesterday and limited out with 10 fish limits in less than 2 hours. These are hard fighting and good eating fish, now is the time to hit Lake Mary Ronan. We were jigging in 22 to 28ft. of water. You can also troll using the common cow bells, wedding rings.

Flathead Lake:

Fishing remains steady for the lake trout. We have been trolling in 180 to 210ft of water pulling either Brad’s Super Baits or the Flasher, squid combinations. Also don’t forget to throw out a flat line with a big Rapala or Bill Norman on the surface 150 ft. straight back behind the boat.

Swan Lake:

The pike fishing has also been very good on Swan Lake. he typical smelt under a bobber or throw spinner baits or plugs.

See Ya on the water

Spring time wows


Lake trout

Where to fish:

The fishing on Flathead Lake remains to be steady. Typically this time of year the fish are on the move. One day you might find them at 80ft. of water and the next day in 200ft. of water. Be flexible and move around until you find large concentration of fish and then concentrate on that depth. The runoff is going to be the unknown for the next couple months. Depending on the temperature and the amount of rain mix will determine how much runoff we will have day to day. The east side of the center bar in 140ft. of water has been working good.

What to use:

This time of year I try and cover as much area as I can. I usually will fish a dodger or a flasher with a houchie combo, that way I can troll at 1.8 – 2.3 mph. When I find fish then I can try different lures to figure out what they want at that given day.

I have been having good results using the Cha Cha 4” Salmon Squidder rigs from Mack’s lure #60063 has been a great color, also try #60062.

Also the electronic Prochip 8 series from pro-troll has been working good with a mother of pearl houchie tipped with a piece of cut bait is a good go to setup.

Tip of the Day:

In the spring time the weather in NW Montana can be very unpredictable. Keep an eye on the weather; a good rule to follow is that if you think it is to rough it probably is, get off the lake so you can fish another day. Be safe!

“No Bad Days”

Capt. Bob

Mo Fisch Charters

Cannon Downrigger Authorized Service Center:  Spring is a good time to get those downriggers serviced. Don’t wait until the season begins and then need repair work.



Wow, spring time fishing


You know it just doesn’t get any better than this. Last week out on Flathead Lake we caught 14 lake trout. The biggest was a 40″ 24 lb. beauty. Also a couple 12  and 15 lb. fish as well as some 4 lb. fish just right for BBQ. This is the time to get out and enjoy some great lake trout fishing. We were fishing 180 to 190 ft. of water and trolling flatfish on the bottom. Yesterday, Tommy took some clients out, and put 11 nice fish in the boat fishing  off the center bar.


Wow, last week springtime fishing on Lake Koocanusa was incredible!  Last Saturday 5 BIG rainbows, the biggest was a 14 lb. male, check out the picture of it on the most recent pictures on the home page.  Last Sunday another fabulous day 6 rainbows and 2 bull trout. The biggest rainbow was 12 lbs. This is the time of year that I can honestly say, you got to get out there!” This time of the year the fish always seem so hungry and abundant.  Take advantage of this spring fishing before the water warms up and the fish move to different parts of the lake. We were trolling Lyman plugs and Rapala’s, actually the biggest fish hit a Black/white streamer fly.

Check out the  pictures of these big fish on the home page on most recent catches.


See you on the water

Sportsman’s Expo. Lake Koocanusa, Flathead Lake

Montana Sportsman’s Expo

We will be at the Montana Sportsman’s Expo in Kalispell Mt. on Friday Feb. 26th, Saturday Feb. 27th. and Sunday Feb. 28th. 2016. Flathead County Fairgrounds-Trade Center, stop by our booth and say hi! We will be offering some great prices on some fishing tackle and free fishing advise. Also, we will have a show special on charters prices for 2016.

See you there


February cabin fever, lets go fishing

The lake trout fishing on Flathead Lake remains steady!

The last couple of weeks we have averaged 15 fish in the boat each trip. Yesterday, the biggest fish was 38” long and 15.8 lbs. Today we boated 5 nice slot fish at 31” to 34? and cleaned 10 smaller fish, just right for the smoker.

What to use:

Flatfish on the bottom. Try the Mag lip from Worden’s, also the original flatfish in size T-50 or T-55 red/white, glow/white, silver/blue, and frog. Remember fish all these lures close to the bottom and very slow.


Try the flats off  Westshore State Park in 160’ of water. Try trolling south as you get into deeper water 200’. Remember, keep an eye on the weather. West Shore State Park is the only good usable boat ramp to use this time of year. FWP does plow and sand the road, also the boat dock is usable.

                                           LAKE KOOCANUSA:

Spring time on Lake Koocanusa is a good time to get back out on the water after a long winter. The rainbow fishing is very good in the spring just remember to slow down to 2.3 to 2.8mph seems to get the cold fish moving to catch up to your presentation. The usual lures still work like they did in the fall. I like the Blue/white broken back Rapala’s, Lyman plugs in the purple/black as well as the black/silver.  The bucktail streamer flies in the purple/black as well as any silver/black. Remember the food source for these fish are kokanee salmon. It is worth trying some spoons as well.

The lake is down about 50′ The ramp at Rexford Bench open, no problem.

See you on the water



On behalf of Mo Fisch Charters, I want to thank all of you that showed interest and support. It was a great year of fishing. We met many very intersting people and made a lot of new friends. We did over 400 charters in 2015, and caught an average of 11 fish per charter. We are looking forward to even a better year in 2016.

Flathead Lake fishing was very good,  the largest lake trout coming at 26lbs, and several over 20 lbs.

Lake Koocanusa was excellent! Our best day of rainbow fishing was a 13lb, 12lb and several in the 9 to 10 lb. range and 6 nice bull trout. I do believe this fishery is getting better, I am anticipating bigger fish this spring and for the next couple of years.

We will getting back on Lake Koocanusa and Flathead Lake in late February or early March, weather permitting. Both body of waters are great in the spring and typically yield bigger fish in the spring.

Thanks again, we look forward to seeing all of you in 2016.

Have a safe holiday season, and a Happy New Year!
Capt. Bob
Mo Fisch Charters

Early Season Lake Koocanusa

Fishing Lake Koocanusa will only get better!

We fished last weekend on the north end and south of the bridge for the Kamloop rainbows. We did catch 3 rainbows and 3 bull trout. The biggest bull was approx. 5 lbs. remember, this year you cannot keep any bull trout so handle them with care and get them released as soon as possible. The biggest rainbow  went about 9 lbs..

We caught fish on the bucktail flies and Lyman plugs on the surface, also jointed Rapalas. We also caught two bulls off the downrigger one at 55 ft. and 65 ft.

We did mark a lot of fish on the fish finder, big schools of Kokanee salmon. The surface temperature was 58-59 degrees. In a couple weeks the fishing should get much better and the big fish will start to show up. The best time for this fishery is when the surface water temperature gets down to 55 degrees or less.

Tight lines

Capt. Bob


Flathead Lake, Lake Koocanusa, Bitteroot Lake

The last couple of days out on Flathead Lake have been very good. We have been catching 6 to 10 nice fish averaging 3 to 5 lbs.Also catching a few larger fish up to 10lbs. Try trolling off Angel Pt. I have been pulling chrome dodgers with green/white houtchies. I been having more hits by uping my trolling speed, try going 2.5mph. Also some perch pattern spoons have been picking up some fish.

Kamloop Rainbows

It is not to early to start thinking about fall fishing Lake Koocanusa or Bitteroot Lake for the big rainbows. I usually wait until about October 20th, but I think with the cooler fall weather I will start fishing about the 10th of October. I have several charters on the calender and I am getting anxious to start catching those big rainbows. Book early as this is a short season ending Nov. 30th then starting back up in February thru May.

Fall fishing is some of the best fishing of the entire year

Lake Koocanusa

It is not to early to start booking your dates to fish for the trophy rainbows. I will be moving the boat up to Eureka in Mid October and some of the ideal days are starting to fill up. This is a special time of year for these hard fighting rainbows. Last year was really showing some promise of big fish for the up coming years.

Lets go fishing