Kam Jam!

Who’s ready for some ‘loopers? WE are, and the time is now! With temperatures already dropping into the mid-’50s on Little Bitterroot Lake, the big Kamloops (Gerrard) Rainbows are starting to bite. We never know how long the bite will last, maybe two weeks, maybe 6-8, but the time is now to get on our calendar if you want to fish this Fall. Bring three to five of your best friends and let’s do this! Half day trips ARE available, but full days get you some nice Kokanee as well.
(Our schedule is not allowing any Koocanusa trips this Fall, we will start those up again in the spring, but the GIANTS are in Bitterroot, legit chance at a 20# plus if we put the time in…)


Mike Howe
Owner, Howe’s Fishing
Mo Fisch and A Able Charters