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"We could not have guessed the highlight of our week long vacation in Montana would be the fishing..."
Branson Family trip

Bob, we could not have guessed the highlight of our week long vacation in Montana would be the fishing. But it was the fishing, being out on the water amid all the beauty of Flathead Lake. Our two boys (13 & 11) and our friend and his daughter (10 pictured) had so much fun and loved catching fish. We appreciate how personable you were with them and they loved the snacks (those good luck cookies work). I can remember all of us laughing and have a great time. Loved every minute.

~ Matthew, Debra, Jared & Joey Branson

I'd recommend Mo Fisch & Captain Bob to any one wanting a great fishing experience!!

We had spent 3 weeks here in Lakeside when we saw the Mo Fisch charter sign & then decided to try the 1/2 day trip. When we bought our licences, we we're told that they were most popular. When we arrived at the dock, Captain Bob had the heater on in the cabin, so it was warm & cozy. Bob was very personable, & even remembered our names throughout the whole trip. We went for trout, & in no time arrived at his favorite spot(s).

It did not take long before the 1 St strike produced 2 others simultaneously! A triple header! Bob, was very informative & educated us Canadians about the area, activities, hunting seasons etc. all the while watching us run for the rods, strike after strike. I know we lost more than we caught, but returned with plenty enough for 4 or 5 people. One strike spooled off over 50 feet of line & gave us a struggle before deciding he dIdn't want to be caught! I'm not sure how big it was, but it was exciting for all os us. I'd recommend Mo Fisch & Captain Bob to any one wanting a great fishing experience!!

Thanks Bob .......... and thanks to Lynn who makes the most delicious breakfast burritos & best homemade chocolate chip cookies!!



"What a great Fall day on Flathead Lake. 13 Lakers!"


In the picture is me, Hans Halberstadt and Colonel Gerry Schumacher.
Our Charter Captain Matt McComb was superb.
A great memory that will bring us back fishing with you.
See you again.


~ John Clay ~


"17.25' and 37.5"

Bob...looking forward to being with you on Friday August 16 for a repeat of last year's catch. Think this was 17.25' and 37.5 inches. I'll have my son-in-law from the dock at 7:00AM.

Hope you are having a great summer.

~ Pete Lemke ~


"You exceeded my expectations and far exceeded theirs..."

August 2012


"Hi Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a note and include a few pictures from our trip. Thank you, and your wife, for wonderful experience with my Dad, brother and father in law!!! You exceeded my expectations and far exceeded theirs!! I really appreciated how you took care of my Dad with his disability and made him feel confident, safe and involved in the fishing. We will certainly be asking for your service in the future (Jerry wants to make it an annual trip on the same week end now) and I am especially interested in fishing for the big Rainbows in November. Let's stay in touch on that, I have a few guys in my fishing group that would love to try it!!!

Anyway Orsua's thanks and nice job, what a couple of days of fishing and to get us in those big fish was unbelievable!!!


Mark Black
Malteurop, North America
Montana Barley Program and By Products Manager




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"Had a great time yesterday! Here’s some pictures. Thanks so much!"

Nicholas Axelberg 01 Nicholas Axelberg 02
Nicholas Axelberg 03 Nicholas Axelberg 04


"We had an excellent experience and would recommend them to everyone."

Dale George

"The boys at Mo Fisch took great care of Cindy and I on Monday. They run a top-notch outfit. There boat was great their expertise in fishing Koocanusa was superb. We not only had Bob on-board but we had Tom as well and they worked like a well oiled machine. We had an excellent experience and would recommend them to everyone. We boated 10 bull trout ranging from 2 pounds up to nearly 8 pounds, plus two rainbow one was small but the other was like the bull at just under 8 pounds. The weather held out and was very comfortable. The planer board concept was new to the two of us and worked well. Thanks for the opportunity..."

~ Dale George ~

Cindy George

"I just wanted to add my THANKS...The weather was great, as you know I'm a fair-weather fisherman. Lake Koocanusa and the whole area are just gorgeous. We took about a hundred pictures and are busy showing them off to everyone we know. Bob and Tom (Mo Fisch charter guides) are great guys and I enjoyed talking with them. They also supplied the most delicious treats you have ever tasted! The fish is delicious we had it for dinner, and I have a few co-workers who are waiting anxiously for a sample. Thanks again for the great opportunity!"

~ Cindy George ~


The Pucetti's

"Thanks Bob!... We enjoyed our Glacier Park vacation and our trout fishing trip with you. "

~ The Puccetti's

"This was the best trip for us..."

"Bob, Thanks again for introducing me to such a great fishery. I want to come back again this year and early spring, I have the bug. I wish they had a web cam at the ramp like they do at Hell creek fort peck. Here are a few pictures of Danny and my fish. This was the best trip for us we caught and lost plenty of big fish. We had to leave mid day yesterday, it is a 6.5 to 7 hour drive back for us."

~ Shaun Ryan ~



"I just wanted to post a comment on captain Bob’s fishing report and tell everybody what a great experience my wife and I had on Flathead Lake earlier today. Shirley (my wife) and I have been coming to the Flathead valley for 14 years now. We have hired many guides to take us fishing over those 14 wonderful years. Today was the start of a great relationship with Mo Fisch charters that my wife and I hope lasts many, many years, (now that we’ve decided to move our business and retire here). The accommodations from this outfit are far and above the other guides we have been out with. From the guys in Woods Bay to Bigfork, there is no comparison. Just to name a few, coffee in the morning, breakfast on the boat, those great cookies from Mrs. Mo Fisch, a heated boat, and to top it all off the fishing was GREAT. We saw numerous other boats not catch anything but Captain Bob put us right on the fish. The fish we were allowed to keep were prepared perfectly and immediately put on ice. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get my 20 pound-er back from the taxidermist. Captain Bob, keep up the great work and I would recommend you to anyone. Here is to many, many more successful trips on Flathead and I can’t wait to go to Koocanusa this fall. THANK YOU!"

~ John and Shirley Westbrook ~


"Our family just got back to PA from Montana. We are tired but exhilarated from our trip. Truly it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Everyone we met was friendly and more than happy to help us. We did Glacier, hiking, biking, boating, golfing, rafting and of course FISHING!  You have many choices when you go and finding the right guide can be the difference. We went to a local bait shop (Snappy’s) where true to the Montana creed (be nice to everyone) they highly recommended Mo Fisch. I called Bob and his lovely wife answered gave us the details and my nephew Chris and I were set for Wednesday morning at 8 AM. Let me say I am NOT a big fisherman. In fact I am a really bad fisherman. On the other hand Chris, who is 14 lives to fish, this was to be his day.  After speaking with Bob he recommended we fish Flathead as opposed to Whitefish since there was a better chance of catching bigger fish. I am glad I listened to him.

We started the day out by traversing the lake to a “hot” spot. The wind was up and there was a lot of chop, it was a rough ride. When we got to the spot the Fishing God’s smiled on us, the Sun came out and the wind stopped. We were ready.  The first catch was in the Slot, 33”. The next was in the slot 32”. The next three were keepers. Not bad for the first hour!! I only fished when there was more than one bite, Bob only touched the poles when there were more than two bites, and we ALL fished that day. As the count kept going and the fish kept biting we started to attract a crowd (comments about that later). The day ended up with 11 keepers (we ate well), 8 in the slot (30”-36”) and 4 over the slot (38”, 39” 40” and 41”). Chris caught the 41” on the last bite of the day; in fact Bob had already started the process of cleaning the keepers.  For Chris this was a day of a lifetime. We caught a lot of fish, BIG FISH and that is important. But more important was the way we caught them. Like I said we started to attract a crowd. They were catching fish too. The difference was the guide was doing ALL of the work. They were setting the hooks and doing the initial reeling, once the fish was secure they would hand the pole to the customer? I am sure Bob would have done this if we ask. But life is not about having things handed to you. You learn as much if not more when you “lose the fish” as you do when you catch them. By the end of the day Chris not only caught fish, he learned how to set up a down rigger, set a hook and clear it from the rigger, read a fish finder and clean a fish the right way. Bob was patient, kind and worked incredibly hard for us. He never forgot that we were the most important people on the boat. We had great conversations and I learned a lot about the local culture.  We had ample beverages, a nice hot lunch and cookies to die for. Thanks Mrs Bob.  I know this is a long winded story (a fish story if you will). But for 51 yr old non fisherman and a 14 yr old fishing addict this was a day we will never forget.  Thanks Bob."

~ Morgan Jones ~



"My son (Chris) loves to fish and this is an experience that he will never forget. Eastern PA just does not have fish like the ones he caught at Flathead. Thanks for posting their experience and like I said, "this is something Chris and Uncle Morgan will never forget." Talk about quality "family time"...this one is hard to beat. "

~ Bill ~



"I would like to thank you for your fishing report, when I turn on the internet I always look to see if you have posted something new. My learning curve catching lake trout and kamloop has improved thanks to your seminars and report. Saw the Mo Fisch charters Saturday morning as I was fishing the same area. Landed about12 fish largest 16# caught as I made a turn in about 50' of water."




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